Aussie Teen Discovers His Homo Hunger Part 2

Aussie Teen Discovers His Homo Hunger Part 2

The sun was setting in Sydney and the night was slowly coming alive. The seedy underbelly of the city was slowly emerging from its slumber, as the neon lights and the thumping of music echoed through the streets.

Young Aussie teen, Tim Wright, had just had the most turbulent journey of his life. After finding out his secret homo hunger, he was determined to take a leap of faith and explore the nightlife – despite being scared to death.

With his heart pounding, Tim made the decision to enter an underground gay bar. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, and he was overwhelmed with what he saw. People of all shapes, sizes and genders were mingling, dancing, and talking, and the atmosphere was electric.

For the first time in his life, Tim felt like he belonged somewhere. He slowly made his way to the bar and ordered himself a beer, and as he looked around he could tell people were looking at him in a way he had never experienced before. He felt like he had suddenly become the focus of attention.

Tim was immediately approached by a stunningly handsome man wearing a leather jacket. The man introduced himself as Jordy, and invited him to join him and his friends in a private booth. Tim was hesitant at first, but after a few drinks and some casual conversation, he felt the confidence to follow Jordy and his friends out of the bar and into a nearby alley.

Once there, Jordy and his friends introduced Tim to the world of hustling. They explained how the whole thing worked, and then handed him a wad of cash. They told him he could do whatever he wanted with it – either buy himself something nice, or hire an escort for the night.

It didn’t take long for Tim to make up his mind.

He ended up hiring a young, beautiful escort named Mia. She was dressed in a tight mini dress, and he could tell she was experienced. She seemed to know exactly what Tim wanted and lavished him with attention.

The two of them ended up back at Mia’s flat and Tim couldn’t believe what he was doing. Despite it being his first time with another man, he found himself melting in Mia’s arms. She showed him how to pleasure a man and he was soon enjoying himself more than he ever thought he could.

Mia took full control of the situation, and she taught him exactly how to make the most of their time together. She showed him the ropes, and the two of them explored the world of BDSM, anal sex and much more.

By the time the night was over, Tim felt like a brand new man. He had discovered his true homo hunger, and was no longer scared of exploring it.

The two of them parted ways, and Tim thanked Mia for giving him the opportunity to get to know himself better.

The following morning, Tim went out and bought himself a pair of leather pants and a new leather jacket. From that day forward, he was no longer scared of exploring the homo hunger inside of him.

Tim was now sure that there was nothing wrong with his sexuality, and he was proud to call himself a gay man. He had made a great friend in Mia and he would often see her out in the city.

He would always smile when he saw her and thank her for teaching him about homo hunger.

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