Aunt Sally Costume

Aunt Sally Costume was always a bit of an enigma. She was in her late sixties, but she had the body of a twenty-year-old. Her figure was slender and lithe, with curves in all the right places. She also had dark chestnut hair, pale skin, and a hint of mischief in her eyes that hinted at a naughty side.

Sally had always been quite a wild child and had led an adventurous life. She had been married multiple times and had traveled the world. After all these years, she was still an attractive woman, and many young men took notice of her.

One day, while out shopping, Sally stumbled upon a store that specialized in sexy costumes. She had always been fascinated by these kinds of shops, and she couldn’t help but browse the selection. After a few moments of contemplation, she decided to purchase a naughty nurse costume.

Sally couldn’t wait to show off her new look and she quickly slipped into the costume and modeled it in front of the mirror. She had no idea what the reaction would be, but she was certainly excited to find out.

That night, Sally decided to go out on the town and show off her new costume. She figured that she would be able to find a few people that would appreciate the look. Sure enough, as soon as she stepped out into the street, she was bombarded by catcalls and whistles from men of all ages.

Sally smiled and waved to her admirers in an attempt to be polite. She couldn’t help but blush at all the attention, it had been a long time since she had felt this desirable. She then continued on her way and made a beeline for the local bar.

Once inside the bar, Sally quickly noticed that all eyes were on her. She felt like a princess in her costume, and she knew it. The men at the bar were entranced by her beauty and were desperate to get to know her better.

One particular guy, a rather young man, was particularly enthralled by Sally’s beauty. He kept sneaking glances at her as he ordered his drinks and she couldn’t help but smile. She could tell he was smitten with her, and she found it quite flattering.

Sally decided to take the plunge and approached him. She introduced herself and sat down next to him at the bar. As the two talked and drank, Sally could sense the sexual tension growing between them. She couldn’t believe how desirable she felt in her costume and how easily her body seemed to respond to the young man’s advances.

After a few more drinks and some flirtatious conversation, Sally decided it was time to make a move. She excused herself from the young man and took him by the hand. She led him out of the bar and back to her home.

Back at Sally’s home, she immediately began to strip out of her costume. She then proceeded to take the young man into her bedroom. She used her seductive moves to turn him on and began to kiss and caress him passionately. She stripped him of his clothes and began to feel every inch of his body.

Sally then slowly straddled him in her bed and slowly began to ride him. She moved up and down his body, increasing the intensity with each thrust. The young man’s hands caressed every inch of her body as they moved as one.

As they reached orgasm, Sally screamed out in pleasure and satisfaction. She felt completely fulfilled and satisfied with the experience she had just had.

Afterwards, Sally began to explore other areas of sexuality with the young man. She taught him the art of oral sex and indulged in acts of bondage. She even went so far as to explore the world of prostitution with him, and found it to be surprisingly enjoyable.

The more she explored her sexual desires with the young man, the more liberating and freeing it became. She felt as if she had finally found her true calling and had unlocked a whole new world for herself.

Sally eventually said goodbye to the young man and continued to explore her newfound sexuality. She now knows that she is a strong and powerful woman who knows how to please a man and can do things to them that most people can’t even imagine. She is confident, sexy, and loves to take risks, and she has found that the world of fetish and sex is the perfect place to explore her deepest desires.

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