Arousing Anal Play

John was a passionate lover who had a particular fondness for back door play. He was aroused by the taboo and the idea of pleasure being derived from such an unusual place.

John had recently been reading up on anal play and was keen to explore it further with his partner, Sarah. He asked Sarah if she would be willing to try it out with him and she eagerly agreed. The thought of having anal sex with John was exciting and she couldn’t wait.

Before they began, John made sure to do his research and provided Sarah with the necessary information to make sure the experience would be safe and enjoyable. He bought some lube and showed Sarah how to prepare for anal sex and get in the right mindset. They also discussed any potential risks that might arise from the experience.

Once they were both ready, John began by massaging Sarah’s back and buttocks. He used his fingers to slowly trace circles around her anal entrance, stimulating it as he went. Sarah quivered as he kept exploring the area with gentle touches. His fingers eventually moved further inside, and Sarah reacted with more moans and sighs of pleasure.

John was aroused by Sarah’s reactions and it only made him want to explore further. He started licking and kissing Sarah’s buttocks before eventually moving down to her anal entrance. Sarah was already feeling wet and aroused at this point, and she was eagerly awaiting what would come next.

John began to tease Sarah’s anus by gently inserting a single finger. He teased her with slow, gentle thrusts, gradually increasing the speed. Sarah’s breathing became heavy and she began to moan with pleasure.

John was enjoying Sarah’s reaction and with her encouragement, he decided to take it further. He applied more lube to his fingers and gently pushed two fingers in. He moved them in a circular motion, increasing the speed and angle of his thrusts.

Sarah felt a wave of pleasure and her breathing became even heavier. John could feel her body trembling and he knew that she was just moments away from climaxing. He inserted a third finger and increased the speed of his thrusts. Sarah’s moans became louder and John could feel her orgasm coming.

With one last thrust, Sarah came hard, screaming out in pleasure. John could feel the intensity of her orgasm and he quickly removed his fingers, allowing her to enjoy the pleasure.

When Sarah’s orgasm finally finished, John slowly removed his fingers and continued to stroke her back and buttocks, calming her down. He kissed her neck, and thanked her for trusting him to explore anal sex with her. Sarah smiled and thanked him, feeling grateful for the mutual pleasure they had just experienced.

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