Anally Obsessed

Anally Obsessed

There was something about anal sex that always had John hooked from the moment he got a taste of it. He would often fantasize about taking a woman from behind and feeling her tighten up around his cock as he pushed in deep. He was anally obsessed, and for good reason. He enjoyed the unique sensation of pushing inside of a woman and feeling her entire body quiver around him.

It was an obsession that soon became a regular part of his sex life. Everywhere he went, he would try to find sex partners who were willing to explore anal pleasure with him. He was willing to pay for it, too. He started frequenting brothels, paying top dollar for the best anal sex escorts.

One night, he happened upon a stunning looking woman at a local brothel. Her name was Victoria, and she was clearly experienced in the art of anal pleasure. She smiled at him seductively, her eyes twinkling with the promise of pleasure. She was exactly what he was looking for.

He asked for her services, and she happily obliged. She took him to her room and locked the door behind him. Her room was decorated with silk sheets and soft, inviting pillows. Everything was ready for his pleasure.

John let his eyes wander over her body, taking in her figure. She was wearing an alluring black lingerie set, accentuating her curves and making her look even more inviting. His heart raced as she slowly began to remove her clothes.

The sight of her gorgeous skin made his cock twitch in anticipation, and he quickly discarded his own clothes. He watched with delight as Victoria laid down on her back and beckoned him to join her. She spread her legs wide and opened herself up to him.

John crawled onto the bed and positioned himself between her legs. He leaned over her and began to kiss her. His lips moved all over her body, exploring every nook and cranny. He loved the way her skin felt against his and the way her breathing became more and more labored as he explored her body.

As the kiss ended, he moved lower and lower, working his way down to her sweet spot. He licked and teased her until she was begging for more. His tongue then moved to her tight little ass, tracing circles around her sensitive and swollen bud.

Victoria gasped as he pushed a finger inside her tight hole, massaging her walls as he continued to lick and tease her clit. She moaned as he added a second finger and pushed even deeper inside, making her quiver and shake with pleasure.

He then pulled his fingers out and grabbed his hard cock. He placed the tip of his member against her tight opening and pushed inside. Victoria screamed out in pleasure as John filled her up and began thrusting in and out of her.

He moved faster and faster, pushing in and out of her tight hole and taking her to the brink of pleasure. As her cries of pleasure got louder, he felt the tension in his body reach its peak and released deep inside of her.

Afterwards, John and Victoria laid in bed for a few moments, enjoying the afterglow of their experience. He kissed her softly and thanked her for the amazing experience he’d just had. For John, it was the perfect way to satisfy his anal obsession.