Anal Exploration

Anal Exploration

It had been six months since Shelley and I had tied the knot and moved into our new marital home. We were both fairly adventurous and looking to spice things up in the bedroom. I’d been dreaming about exploring anal sex for a while and decided that for our six-month anniversary, I was going to make it happen.

I decided to make all the arrangements for a night of anal exploration. I booked us a hotel room in the city and hired an escort to join us. I was filled with anticipation and excitement as the day drew near.

When the night finally arrived, Shelley and I got ready and headed to the hotel. We arrived to find the escort already waiting for us. She was an expert in the art of anal sex and I immediately felt my anticipation rising. We exchanged pleasantries before I asked Shelley to take a shower and prepare herself for the evening.

Once Shelley had returned and the escort had made herself comfortable, I locked the door and removed my clothing. The escort slipped out of her own clothes and moved to the bed. She lay down between Shelley and I and began to run her hands all over both of our bodies.

The escort began to talk to us both about the pleasures of anal exploration. She explained how important it was to take things slow, and how to use lubrication to help make the experience enjoyable. I felt a heat in my body as she spoke and my heart raced with anticipation.

The escort then began to kiss Shelley. Her lips moved hungrily as she explored Shelley’s neck and chest. I watched in fascination as Shelley’s body began to respond to the escort’s touch.

The escort then moved on to more intimate areas. She moved her hands to Shelley’s inner thighs and began to massage them softly. I could feel the heat radiating from Shelley’s body as the escort explored her.

The escort then moved her hands to Shelley’s buttocks and began to massage them. I could feel the tension leaving Shelley’s body as the escort touched her most intimate areas. She moaned softly as the escort massaged her buttocks, and I could feel my own body responding.

The escort then asked Shelley to lie on her back and spread her legs. She then applied lubricant to her fingers and began to slowly explore Shelley’s anus. I watched as Shelley’s body reacted to the touch and heard her moan in pleasure.

The escort then asked me to move behind her to help with the exploration. I moved to the position and the escort guided me on how to pleasure Shelley’s anus. I followed the escort’s instructions and slowly but surely I was able to feel Shelley’s pleasure as I explored her body.

After a while, the escort asked us both to turn over so that she could explore my anus. I felt a little apprehensive as I turned over, but the escort soon eased my fears. She applied lubricant to her fingers and began to slowly massage my buttocks.

Slowly and gently she began to explore my anus. Her fingers moved slowly and her touch felt amazing. I felt my body responding to her touch and I could feel my arousal growing.

Soon, the escort asked me to turn back over and she asked Shelley to join me. She then began to slowly and gently move her hand between our bodies. She explored our bodies with her hands, exchanging a kiss with us both as she moved her hands over our skin.

Eventually, the time for anal exploration had come. The escort showed us both how to properly prepare for anal sex. We followed her instructions and soon enough we were both aroused and ready for anal exploration.

The escort then proceeded to slowly and gently guide us both into anal exploration. We explored each other’s bodies with our hands, exploring and discovering our new erogenous zones. I felt an incredible pleasure as I explored Shelley’s body, my arousal growing with every touch.

Finally, the time came for the escort to join us in anal exploration. With the help of lubricant, the escort slowly and gently penetrated us both. We both moaned in pleasure as the escort explored our bodies, her pace increasing as our pleasure intensified.

We moved in harmony with the escort, each exploring each other as the escort explored our bodies. We moaned, we trembled and we gasped with pleasure as our exploration came to a climax.

Finally, we collapsed in exhaustion, our bodies spent from the incredible experience of anal exploration. We lay in each other’s arms, satisfied with what we had just explored.

We thanked the escort for her skill and knowledge and then she left us to our post-exploration bliss. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that the experience had come to an end, but I was filled with joy at the incredible pleasure we had explored together.

That night, we discovered the true joy and pleasure that comes from anal exploration, and we have not looked back since. We now explore anal sex on a regular basis, and it has become an integral part of our sex life. The pleasure that anal exploration has brought us is something that can never be taken away.

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