An Anatomy Lesson of Passion

Anatomy Lesson of Passion

Stella had always been the star student for her anatomy class. Of all the courses she took in college, she excelled most in biology, which she found to have a particularly exciting aspects, especially this course. It wasn’t just because it involved the study of bodies, it was because of the professor – Professor Sam Jenkins.

Sam was not only her professor, but he was also the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was tall, with broad shoulders and an athletic physique that showed through his tailored suits. His hair was always perfectly groomed, but it was his eyes that captivated her – a rich, deep brown so dark they seemed to bore a hole into her own. She found herself longingly daydreaming of kissing him whenever he called upon her to answer a question in class.

But as much as she wanted to, she never dared to make a move. She wasn’t the type to boldly approach a man – especially a professor. And so they both remained in steady, aching limbo.

But luckily, Stella’s luck was about to change.

One evening as Stella and Sam worked together in the laboratory on an assignment, Stella, in a brave moment of spur of the moment, decided to make her move. She placed her hand softly upon his arm and looked into his eyes, the dark intensity of his gaze searing through into her own, causing her to take a shallow, ragged breath.

Sam did not pull away, instead, he merely inclined his head ever so slightly towards hers, in unspoken invitation for her to proceed. And so Stella did, slowly moving ever closer, until their lips met in a passionate and tender kiss.

The kiss seemed to last forever, their bodies entwined as they explored each other and the possibilities of their newfound relationship with their hands and mouths. Sam took charge, tracing his hands all across Stella’s body, showing her the ways of his hands and lips. Before long, the two were completely naked and lost in the throes of their passion.

Words could not describe the pleasure Stella felt as Sam explored her body with his hands, touching and exploring her in ways she had never felt before. His hands moved over her curves, caressing and teasing her to points of ecstasy so high she felt like she might never return. She wanted more and more of his touch, his lips, his body.

Sam in turn was just as passionate and desperate with his lovemaking. His kisses explored every inch of her body, each caress textured and detailed. He moved her around like a marionette in his arms, controlling every movement and loving every moment of it.

The night only developed further as the two made their way to the examination table in the classroom. Stella was beyond aroused and felt as though every ounce of energy in her body was in a state of feverish excitement as Sam exposed her to an unimaginable anatomy lesson of pleasure. He slowly examined each part of her body, tracing her curves with his fingers while gently and softly kissing her in all the right places. He kissed and licked each inch of her body, making her feel sensations she had never experienced before and relished in the feeling of being so loved and cherished.

When it was finally time for Sam to be inside her, Stella could barely contain her pleasure. The feeling of his fully aroused manhood entwined with her body was utterly intoxicating, and each thrust sent waves of ecstasy through her being. With each thrust, Stella felt her pleasure reach new heights of intensity, as Sam explored and played her body as if it were an instrument of passion.

And although Stella felt spent when the lesson was finished, she lay there in faint pleasure, comforted and embraced by Sam’s strong arms.

The night was a revelation for Stella, and she left that lab feeling differently about love, sex and her body than before. It didn’t matter if it was wrong. What matters is that it felt so right. Sam was her teacher, yes – but in that moment, she realized he was so much more than that. He was her teacher, her partner, her friend – and finally, her lover.

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