An Afternoon of Seduction with Grandma

Jane groaned as she stepped out of her boyfriend Steve’s car and trudged up the flagstone path to her grandmother’s house. It was a warm summer’s day and the oppressive heat was like a smothering blanket.

“What are we doing here?” Steve asked, breaking the silence.

“My grandmother asked me to come over for an afternoon tea,” Jane replied, rolling her eyes.

It was something her grandmother did every summer. She liked to invite her grandchildren and any guests over to her house for a spot of tea and cake. Jane usually enjoyed these afternoons, as she got to catch up with her grandmother and find out what had been happening in her life, but this time, she was dreading it.

The truth was, Jane knew what her grandmother was up to. For months now, she could sense her grandmother’s increasingly seductive attitude towards her and Steve. She had a feeling that this tea was going to involve something more than just cake and polite conversation, and her suspicions were confirmed as soon as they stepped through the door.

“Ah, here you are!” Granny called out cheerfully as she appeared in the doorway, clad in a skin-tight, hot-pink dress with her gray-streaked curls tucked neatly over her ears. She gave Steve and Jane an inviting smile and a gentle hug, then ushered them into the sitting room.

The room was even warmer than outside, filled with the heady scents of jasmine and orange blossom, and a crackling fire that filled the air with its inviting heat. Granny motioned for them to take a seat and then disappeared, only to return moments later with a tea tray piled high with cakes and pastries and a pot of tea.

“Oh my!” Steve exclaimed, admiring the food.

“Yes, it looks delicious,” Jane added, though her mind was racing. What was going on?

Granny busied herself with pouring the tea and slicing the cakes while the two of them nibbled on their treats. Jane found it hard to concentrate on the conversation, as she was too busy trying to decode the underlying message of Granny’s words.

“Would you like a massage before we head off?” Granny asked as she gestured towards an old armchair in the corner. Jane and Steve both shot her a quizzical look but nodded in agreement.

Granny set up a massage table next to the armchair and instructed Steve to take off his shirt. He hesitated for a moment before slipping it off and lying down on the table.

Granny began by massaging Steve’s back, making sure to apply gentle yet firm pressure to his tense muscles. She worked her way down his body, starting at his neck and shoulders and then over his arms, chest and stomach. Finally, she moved down to his legs and feet and then let her hands dance around his entire body in feather-light caresses.

Throughout the entire massage, Granny’s naughty eyes never left Steve’s face and her lips curved into a bewitching half-smile. Jane watched, unable to stomach anymore, but at the same time, unable to look away.

When she finished, Granny moved on to Jane, who was sitting nervously on the edge of her seat. Granny’s hands moved across her body in slow, sensual movements that soon had her melting into the massage table. As she massaged Jane’s neck and shoulders, Granny whispered in her ear, her lips brushing against her skin.

“This afternoon is about seduction, my dear,” she murmured. “I want you to surrender to me and let yourself go.”

Jane closed her eyes and felt her body turn to jelly as Granny’s hands moved over her skin. She felt her grandmother’s fingers trace the curves of her body and a warmth spread through her that was part fear, part anticipation.

When the massage was over, Steve and Jane were both a little dazed. They thanked Granny and made their way out of the door.

Back in the car, Steve turned to Jane and smiled.

“Your grandmother is quite something, isn’t she?” he said.

“Yes,” Jane replied, blushing. She had a feeling that the afternoon’s seduction had only just begun.

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