Alycia Baumgardner Nude

Alycia Baumgardner had always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and the idea of being nude in front of a man who wanted her was something that she found incredibly alluring.

It was a warm summer day when she decided to take the plunge and pose nude for a man who had hired her as a model. She had seen some of his work before and knew that he was a talented artist. She went to his studio with a little bit of nervousness and a lot of anticipation.

When she arrived, the man greeted her warmly and immediately began to take some photographs of her in various poses. She felt incredibly sexy as he snapped away, her curves enhanced by the light and shadows. She felt completely comfortable and unashamed in her nudity, and it was exciting to think that this man was taking pictures of her body in all of its beauty.

The man then asked Alycia if she would be willing to move to the floor. She didn’t know where he was going with his request, but she agreed anyway. He then positioned her body in different poses while continuing to take pictures of her. As he worked he spoke to her in a low and soft voice, his eyes never leaving her body.

He then asked if he could touch her. She agreed, and the man slowly and gently ran his hands over her body, exploring her curves and exploring her arousal. He caressed her breasts and ran his fingers down her stomach and between her legs.

Alycia was completely aroused by his touch, and as she watched him in the studio she felt an intense desire to have sex with him. She leaned in and kissed him deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

The man then flipped her onto her back and moved between her legs. He started to tease her with his mouth and tongue, licking and sucking her clit and exploring every inch of her pussy with his tongue. She moaned with pleasure, feeling the intensity of his touch as her pleasure increased.

He then moved up and entered her, pushing her up against the wall as he thrust deep inside her. He moved faster and faster, and Alycia felt her orgasm coming closer and closer. She screamed out in pleasure as the wave of pleasure washed over her, and the man followed soon after.

They lay there for a few moments afterwards, both completely in awe of the intense pleasure they had just experienced. Alycia had never felt anything like it before and it only made her want more.

They made love for hours afterwards, exploring each other’s bodies in various positions and experiencing pleasure like neither of them had ever experienced before.

When it was over Alycia lay back on the floor, completely exhausted yet still feeling incredibly aroused. She knew that this was only the beginning, and that this wasn’t the last time she would be posing nude or having such an amazing experience.

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