Alice Roberts Nipples

Alice Roberts was a beautiful woman – with a beautiful body and an amazing pair of nipples. Her breasts were perfectly round, her nipples perfectly pink and pert. She was the kind of woman who could make men stop and stare when she walked by.

Alice had a secret, though. She loved sex. She enjoyed all kinds of naughty, naughty sex and loved taking risks. She once had a sexual experience with her best friend’s husband and felt an intense thrill of pleasure, a feeling she never forgot.

So when she found out that there was a place in town where you could hire a prostitute at an incredibly low price, Alice knew she had to try it. She went to her bank and withdrew the sum of money, took a taxi and headed to the address she had been given.

When she arrived at the address, she was greeted by a beautiful young woman – her name was Sasha. Sasha wore a short skirt and a low-cut blouse, and Alice could see her cleavage and hard nipples.

Sasha asked Alice what she would like, and Alice shyly replied that she wanted her nipples sucked. Sasha smiled and took Alice’s hand in hers, leading her upstairs to a bedroom.

The bedroom was dimly lit and filled with sensual smells. Sasha lit some candles and pulled out a bottle of oil, rubbing it into Alice’s nipples until they were deliciously slippery. Then Sasha laid Alice on her back and began to lick and suck her nipples, her warm tongue teasing and caressing them.

Alice moaned in pleasure as the sensations coursed through her body. Sasha then kissed her way down Alice’s body and pushing her legs apart, she began to lick and suck Alice’s clit untilAlice came again and again.

Sasha was an amazing sexual partner. She made Alice feel like she was the only woman in the world. She explored every inch of Alice’s body, licking and sucking in all the right places and driving her wild.

When Alice begged for more, Sasha took her to the bed and pulled out a condom, carefully slipping it over Alice’s hard cock. She started to ride Alice slowly at first, then picking up the pace until Alice was screaming in pleasure, pounding her hips into Sasha’s.

When Alice finally came, she felt like she was floating on a cloud of pleasure. Sasha was an amazing lover and Alice was absolutely hooked on her.

Alice and Sasha continued to see each other over the following months, each time exploring new sexual heights as they explored and experimented with each other’s bodies. Even the act of paying Sasha each time was part of the experience, and Alice felt like she was truly deserving of such amazing pleasure.

Alice eventually found out that Sasha was actually a former escort, which made the already incredible experiences even more special. Alice had always wanted to explore the world of escorts and prostitutes, but had never had the courage to do so. Now, she had found an amazing partner who had opened up a whole new world of sexual pleasure for her.

Alice had found her own little piece of heaven – and her nipples had never felt so good.

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