A Whirlwind Weekend in Vegas – Three’s Company!

It had been a long three months for Linda and John, a young married couple in their mid-twenties. They had both been working hard in their respective jobs and had no time for a vacation. But when their friends called with an offer to join them on a trip to the bright lights of Vegas for a romantic weekend getaway, they simply couldn’t refuse.

They arrived to their penthouse suite at the Bellagio Hotel on the late Friday afternoon. After a quick freshening up, they decided to hit the strip and take in the sights. As they walked hand in hand, they were mesmerized by the flashing lights of all the casinos and clubs. Linda looked up at John and smiled as they strolled down the strip.

When they arrived at the Flamingo Casino, they decided to try their luck at the slot machines and blackjack tables. After a few rounds, John was up a few hundred dollars and Linda had a couple hundred. As the night wore on, the alcohol started to flow and they began to loosen up and truly enjoy their time in Vegas.

Just before midnight, the couple decided to take a break from gambling and check out the nightlife. They made their way over to the infamous Venus Club and were immediately surrounded by scantily clad girls and gyrating music. After a few drinks danced the night away, Linda and John were in the mood for something more.

John had heard of an escort service that provided some of the hottest girls in Vegas. Nervously, he approached the bar and asked the bartender if he knew of anyone who could provide them with a night of unforgettable pleasure. After a few moments, he handed him a slip of paper with the address of a private brothel just outside of town.

The couple quickly took a cab to the address and were pleased to find a discreet and luxurious building. After paying the man at the door, they entered a large luxurious room filled with gorgeous women. Linda and John couldn’t believe their eyes.

Linda and John ended up selecting three beautiful young women to join them for the evening. After a few drinks, the foursome headed back to the penthouse for a passionate night of playful exploration and pleasure. As the night wore on, the couple discovered that their new companions were both open minded and eager to try out new activities.

On the first night, Linda and John took turns exploring each other and their guests. They discovered that their three new friends were not only beautiful but also had amazing talents in the bedroom. Each girl took her turn pleasuring John while Linda watched. Linda then took her turn exploring John while the other two girls looked on.

By the time the night ended, all four were completely exhausted but completely satisfied. The couple fell asleep in each other’s arms and awoke to a sunny Saturday morning in Vegas. After a delicious breakfast, they decided to go out and explore the city.

However, the temptation to have more fun with their new friends was too great and they decided to call the escort service again. This time, the couple chose five beautiful young women who were ready for whatever their hosts wanted to do.

The five beautiful women quickly arrived and the group chose to explore a few different popular nightclubs on the strip. Linda and John were surrounded by sexy dancers and beautiful people. After a few more drinks, the group decided to head back to the penthouse for a wild night of passion and exploration.

The five stunning women quickly got to work pleasing Linda and John in every way imaginable. From oral pleasures to anal delights, the foursome explored the depths of their passions and desires. They were lost in a whirlwind of tantalizing sensations and intimate moments.

When the night was through, Linda and John were completely spent but completely satisfied. They thanked the beautiful women for a night they would never forget and the five of them parted ways.

The next morning, the couple packed up their bags and headed back home. As they drove, they reflected on how much had been accomplished in such a short amount of time. They had discovered a new level of passion and were truly bonded together as a couple in a way that could never have been recreated in their everyday lives.

When they arrived home, Linda and John looked at each other and smiled. They had experienced a whirlwind weekend in Vegas and it was one that they would never forget!

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