A Public Spanking

Suzie was apprehensive. She had never experienced anything like this before. She had heard all the rumors, seen the lurid stories in porn magazines, and heard the whispers in the hallways of her high school. All of them had one thing in common: a public spanking.

It was, as far as she knew, both a fantasy and a punishment, but something that she had never tried. That was, of course, until now. She had agreed to meet a man at a local escort agency, who said he would provide her with the best public spanking experience she could ever imagine.

Suzie had been excited. She had fantasized about being spanked in public for years, and finally here was her chance. She told herself that no matter what happened, she was going to enjoy it, no matter the consequences.

The man at the agency had been tall and handsome, with piercing blue eyes and a silver tongue—a man who seemed to know exactly how to make a woman feel comfortable, even in the most embarrassing of circumstances. He had ushered Suzie into his office and sat her down in a big leather chair. She felt her heart pounding in her chest.

He had opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, which he had then looped around her wrists. He had positioned her hands over her head, so that she couldn’t move them.

Then he had showed her to the room. It was a large room, well lit, but with no windows. There was a large wall in front of her, with a large bed in the centre. On the bed was a sheet of paper, with a list of commands printed on it. She glanced at them, her eyes widening as she read the words.

Instructions for a Public Spanking

1. Strip off all clothing
2. Lie down on the bed
3. Spread your legs
4. Present your buttocks
5. Accept the punishment!

She had no choice. She stripped off her clothes, feeling embarrassed and exposed. She was completely naked, with her hands still bound above her head. She could feel the eyes of the man in the room, watching her every move.

Her courage began to falter, but she was determined to go through with it. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs, presenting her buttocks. She felt hands on her legs, and then a sudden sharp sting across her bottom.

The spanking had been hard and unrelenting. He spanked her with his open hand, and then with a thick leather belt. She yelped in pain at each new strike. He spanked her over and over, until her skin was bright red and her buttocks were stinging.

The punishment lasted for what felt like hours, and when it was finally over, he commanded her to stand up and face the wall. He had then turned her around, so that she was facing the man. He took the handcuffs off of her wrists and looked into her eyes.

“You have been punished, and now you must be rewarded,” he said, with a knowing smile.

He reached behind her and untied the belt that had been used to spank her. As he did so, he pulled her close to him. She could feel his body against hers, and could feel the heat radiating off of him. He reached down and cupped her buttocks, gently caressing them.

His hands moved up to her shoulders and then down to the small of her back. His mouth was suddenly on hers, his tongue exploring her mouth. She felt her body trembling with desire, as her own hands moved around his body.

He moved his hands to her breasts and gently caressed them, making her moan with pleasure. His hands moved down her body, until they were caressing her most intimate areas. He spread her legs and entered her in one swift motion.

She felt her body soar with pleasure as he thrust into her over and over. She cried out with pleasure, as his hands explored her entire body. He moved faster and faster until finally, she felt an intense orgasm sweep through her body.

He withdrew from her, and she felt her body relax. He looked at her with a satisfied smile, and then he untied her hands. As she pulled them out of the restraints, she felt a sudden wave of relief wash over her. She had done it! She had experienced a real public spanking!

Suzie had never felt so alive. She couldn’t believe that she had actually allowed someone to spank her in public. She felt like a naughty schoolgirl, and she loved it. She wanted to do it again, and soon.

The man had smiled at her, and then said, “You have done well. For your obedience, you shall be rewarded.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tightly wrapped bundle of notes. She was elated! She had just earned her first pay for being spanked in public.

She thanked him for the money, and for the experience. He nodded and smiled, and then she left. She had definitely gotten more than she had bargained for! She had experienced a real public spanking, and earned a reward too. She had found a secret pleasure that she never knew existed. She had discovered the joy of public spanking, and she wanted to do it again and again.

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