A Massage From My Wifes Friend

A Massage From My Wife’s Friend

I had been married to my wife for several years, but I had never known her to have a close female friend. So, when I heard her talking to a woman on the phone and arranging to meet, I was intrigued.

My wife was always very secretive about her personal life and I had no idea who the woman was or what she wanted. Little did I know that this woman was my wife’s best friend, and that she had something naughty in store for me.

My wife reluctantly informed me that the woman was coming to give me a massage. She said she had heard about a massage parlor down the road that specialized in couples massages, and so her friend had decided to come and give me a massage.

I was skeptical at first, but my wife insisted that this was a unique experience and that I should just go with it. Reluctantly, I agreed, and soon I was in the bedroom with my wife’s friend.

The massage started off innocently enough. Her hands moved slowly across my back, kneading and massaging my tight muscles. She asked if I was comfortable, and I nodded yes. She then moved her hands lower, massaging my buttocks and thighs. I could feel her hands exploring my body, and I began to get aroused.

The massage soon became more intimate. She moved her hands up the inside of my thighs, and then downward, exploring my most intimate areas. I could feel my body responding, and I felt my arousal increasing.

The massage then took a more erotic turn. She asked me to turn over, and then she began massaging my chest and abdomen. Her hands moved lower and lower, until they were cupping my manhood. She gently stroked and caressed my hardening shaft, and I moaned in pleasure.

The massage then became even more intimate. She used her mouth to explore my body, licking and sucking my nipples and then trailing her tongue lower and lower. She took my shaft into her mouth, working it with her tongue and lips. I felt my body tense as she expertly pleasured me with her mouth.

Finally, she directed me to turn over again and then began massaging my back. She moved her hands lower and lower, eventually reaching my buttocks and then my legs. I heard her gasp as she reached my manhood again, and then she brought it to life with her expert touch.

At this point, I could no longer contain my arousal. She straddled me and then guided my manhood into her tight, wet folds. I gasped in pleasure as I felt her body quivering against mine. We moved together, our bodies becoming one as we explored each other’s pleasure.

Finally, we reached our climax together and I lay there in a state of bliss. My wife’s friend had given me the most amazing massage I had ever experienced, and I thanked her for it.

The next time I saw my wife, I told her about my experience. She smiled knowingly, and then asked if I would be interested in having a massage from her friend again. I eagerly agreed, and we arranged a time for her friend to come back.

Since then, my wife’s friend has been a regular visitor to our home. Every time she comes, she brings with her an illicit experience that I can never seem to get enough of. It’s safe to say that my massage from my wife’s friend has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

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