A Gifted Butt Lover

A Gifted Butt Lover

John was the kind of man who believed in two things: the generosity of nature and the sensual pleasure of anal sex. One day, after an especially long day at work, he decided to follow his favorite pastime and take a walk in the woods nearby.

The sun was setting as he made his way, and soon the darkness made it difficult to find his way back home. As he stumbled, he found himself in a clearing, only to discover a woman lounging on the grass, wearing only a pair of tight, sheer panties.

At first, John was hesitant and stood at a distance, but something about her captivated him. He decided to take a chance and approach her. He soon found out that her name was Candice and that she was a gifted butt lover.

He eagerly asked her if she would like to come back home with him and she seductively agreed. John immediately prepared himself as he drove back. He fantasized about the way her tight ass would wrap around him and the pleasure he would derive from it.

Once back home, John and Candice made their way to the bedroom for their intimate session. She stripped off her panties and John gasped as he had never before seen a posterior so beautiful and firm. Candice turned around and smiled as she fondled her ass, teasing him with her playfulness.

John quickly ripped off his clothes and eagerly dove in between Candice’s legs. Soon, she was dripping with anticipation and pleasure as he began to lick and stroke her butt cheeks. His tongue slid around her ass and he kissed her deeply between each thrust of his tongue.

Candice moaned with delight as the pleasure became unbearable. She begged him to enter her and he obliged. He slowly inserted himself, inch by inch, and her tight ass clung to his hard cock as he thrust in and out. She screamed out in pleasure each time he went deeper as his thrusts became more intense.

John had never before experienced such exquisite pleasure and determination as he felt himself growing closer and closer to climax each time. It was as if the pleasure of being with Candice combined with the tight yet yielding grip of her ass were more than he could handle.

Finally, with one last thrust, John reached his climax, and soon after, Candice too had reached hers. He remained inside her for a few moments before finally rolling off, exhausted.

John was in awe of the pleasure he had found with Candice and soon after, he made it a habit to take her with him every time he went out for a walk in the woods. Candice’s gifted butt lover skills and the pleasure they bestowed upon him were something he had never experienced before, and he was determined to experience it again and again.

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