A Cuckold Made

The Cuckold Made: A Steamy Hot Sex Story

Carly had been married to her husband, Thomas, for five years. They were happy together and had been since the day they said “I do.” However, she had been feeling something missing lately and decided to follow her desires. Her plan was to have a hot and steamy affair with a complete stranger and she knew exactly how to do it!

Carly made one last glance at her reflection in the mirror and wanted to make sure she looked her best. She was dressed in a tight black dress with heels to match. Her hair was perfectly curled and her makeup had been done to perfection. She was ready to take on the next step of her plan.

Carly made her way to the local bar for a night out, and it was here that she met him. His name was David and he was handsome, with dark eyes and a charming smile. They hit it off instantly.

After a few drinks, David suggested that the two of them go somewhere a bit more intimate. Carly quickly agreed and the two went back to David’s place. Once inside, the night quickly became steamy and passion filled. They were both completely lost in each other as they explored each other’s body.

The night only continued to get hotter and steamier and soon, Carly was begging for more. David happily obliged, pushing her to her limits and beyond as they experienced an explosive climax together.

The next morning, Carly awoke with a smile on her face. She couldn’t believe the amazing night she had just experienced. But, it had come at a price. Little did she know, she was now a cuckold made, and her husband was completely unaware of her affair.

Little did Carly know, but her husband was about to find out just what she had been up to. Thomas had been suspicious for some time and decided to follow her as she left for her night out. He quickly spotted her leaving with David and followed them to his apartment.

Thomas was outraged when he discovered the truth about Carly’s night and confronted her the next morning. He was furious that she had betrayed him and despite her pleas for forgiveness, he decided the only way for them to move forward was for Carly to become a cuckold.

Carly was devastated that her husband would impose such a punishment on her and yet, she couldn’t deny that a part of her was secretly thrilled. She had always been curious about being intimate with other men and now, she had been given the chance.

Thomas made it a requirement that Carly would report back to him in detail about every man she slept with. He wanted her to be completely honest and to provide him with every bit of information.

Carly nervously agreed and soon, she went out in search of her first cuckold conquest. She visited a local brothel and was overwhelmed with the choices. Eventually, she decided to go with a handsome man named Martin.

Carly and Martin had a night of passionate sex, and Carly felt a sense of liberation unlike anything she had ever experienced before. When she reported back to Thomas, she provided him with all of the explicit details, leaving him breathless.

Thomas was both aroused and satisfied that Carly had fulfilled her obligations. He was also shocked and amazed by her newfound confidence and desire to explore her own sexuality.

The couple quickly fell into a routine of Carly’s assignations and Thomas’s delight in her juicy tales. Soon, their marriage was stronger than ever and Carly felt truly liberated. As a cuckold made, she was able to experience pleasure and passion like she never had before and it made her feel alive.

The couple decided to keep their little arrangement a secret, and they were both immensely happy with the results. Carly was able to explore her fantasies while also pleasing her husband, and Thomas was able to get the satisfaction he wanted while also knowing his wife was safe and secure.

The couple’s arrangement was something that worked for them and made their marriage stronger than it had ever been. It was a secret they kept to themselves, and it was something that bonded them together in ways they had never imagined.

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