A Beastly Wedding

A Beastly Wedding

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a prince and princess who were deeply in love. They had been together for nearly two years, and it was only natural that they eventually decided to take the next step and get married.

The prince and princess wanted something a little different for their wedding. They wanted something truly unique and special, so they decided to hold a “beastly wedding” ceremony. They invited all kinds of magical creatures and mythical beings to come and enjoy their special day.

The prince and princess were overjoyed by the turnout. All the creatures and beings had their own special stories, and they all seemed to get along with each other quite well. As the party continued, the princess noticed that one creature seemed to stand out from the crowd. He was tall and handsome, with long dark hair and a ruggedly handsome face. She found herself drawn to him, and she could feel her heart beat faster as their eyes met for the first time.

The prince and princess were both surprised by the intensity of their desire for each other. They could feel an energy that passed between them that was electric and all-consuming. They didn’t know what it meant, but they knew they had to find out. They soon found themselves in a corner, away from the wedding guests, talking and caressing each other deeply.

The beast and the princess soon found themselves in the beast’s quarters. The beast had a bed and a large wardrobe, full of strange and interesting clothing. The princess was fascinated by the collection, and the beast began to undress her, slowly and sensually. His hands touched her body in ways she had never experienced before, and she gradually became aroused as his gentle caresses drew her closer and closer to a state of pure bliss and pleasure.

The beast took his time, exploring every inch of the princess’s body. He kissed her neck and shoulders, and his hands roved over her curves and dips. She felt her arousal grow with every caress, and soon she was aching for more. She wanted to feel his body against hers, wanted to experience all the pleasure he had to offer. The beast took the hint and soon they were entwined in a passionate embrace.

The beast’s hands roamed all over the princess’ body as they kissed and caressed each other. His fingers slid into her wetness, eliciting moans of pleasure from both of them. He entered her with one long thrust, and the princess felt a deep satisfaction that only he could provide. Their bodies moved in perfect harmony, as they explored each other and the heights of ecstasy their lovemaking could bring.

It was a night of unbridled passion, and when morning dawned, the prince and princess were still in the beast’s quarters, exhausted yet incredibly fulfilled. They had experienced something beautiful together, and they vowed to never forget it.

The beast and the princess stayed together for many years, and when the prince and princess were eventually married, it was a beastly wedding to remember. They celebrated their love and passion by inviting all their magical friends and creatures, and they partied the night away. It was a magical night of pleasure and love, and it is said that the beast and the princess are still together to this day.

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