Zoo Taboo

Zoo Taboo

John had always been intrigued by the concept of Zoo Taboo sex. It was something he had heard talked about but had never had the chance to try it. Of course he was not sure if his wife would be interested either. She had always seemed a bit hesitant to try anything new, but this was something he was determined to make her try.

He had heard stories about couples who had tried Zoo Taboo and the experiences they had had. He was so intrigued by all the possibilities that he was determined to make it happen.

John had a plan and all he needed to do was to make sure his wife, Mary, was on board. He decided to start off by being extra romantic and seductive with her. He began to take her out on romantic dates and make sure that she was feeling relaxed, loved, and sexually wanted.

Slowly he began to bring up the idea of Zoo Taboo sex. At first she was hesitant but eventually she began to see the appeal and agree to try it out.

John was overjoyed that she had agreed and started to plan everything out. He rented a large zoo enclosure and had it set up with all the necessary amenities for a night of animalistic sex. There were two cages, one for each of them, both with large doors and a railing between them so that they could reach each other.

John had also been busy collecting some toys and outfits to get the evening started. He had a large selection of naughty costumes, a whip, a collar, and even a few masks. He wanted to make sure that they both felt comfortable and that everything was going to be as naughty and naughty as they so desired.

With everything set up, they took their positions in the cages and began flirting with each other. John had never seen Mary so turned on before and it was a huge turn on for him as well. The fact that they were in a zoo enclosure made the seduction even more exciting for them.

John started off very gently, teasing, touching and playing around with Mary. She was already so turned on that it was not long before she was begging for more and John willingly obliged. He began to start getting rougher, biting, spanking and punishing her.

Mary soon found out that she enjoyed being punished as it brought out a side of her that she had never experienced before. The naughty and naughty sex in the zoo enclosure went on for hours and before they knew it, it was already dawn outside.

The next morning when they woke up, they were both exhausted but with a huge sense of satisfaction. They had both found out that they both thoroughly enjoyed Zoo Taboo sex and it was something they both wanted to continue to explore.

They talked about the naughty things that they had done, the way they had felt, and all the naughty fantasies they had explored. This was an experience that they both thoroughly enjoyed and it only made their bond much stronger.

It was a night that they would never forget and it certainly made them appreciate a whole new realm of possibilities in their love life. Zoo Taboo sex had certainly spiced things up and they both knew they would definitely be making more visits to their special enclosure.