Working With Models

Working With Models: An Intimate, Erotic Sex Story

I had always been are career-oriented person and had a great job as a fashion photographer. The perks of my job were that I got to work with some of the most beautiful models in the industry. The work often took me to exotic locations, and it was always a pleasure being in the presence of gorgeous women all day.

It was on one of my shoots that I first realized the intense sexual attraction I felt for the models. I could feel the chemistry simmering in the air, and the tension between us was palpable. I found myself daydreaming of all the naughty things I wanted to do to these beautiful women and my arousal was intense.

It was during one of the lunch break sessions that I had the courage to make my move. I was sitting next to one of the models, and I decided to make a move. I started a conversation with her, and it went smoothly. Eventually, I found myself getting closer and closer to her and finally, when it felt right, I leaned in and kissed her.

My kiss was met with an equally passionate response from the model, and we started to explore each other with our hands. I ran my hands all over her body, exploring and caressing her soft skin. The sensation was electric and it wasn’t long before I had her clothes off, and I was ravishing her body with my lips and tongue.

We moved to the bedroom, and I kept exploring every inch of her body. She undressed me, and I admired her beautiful, toned body as I ran my hands all over her. She took my cock in her hands and started to stroke it eagerly, and I moaned with pleasure.

We moved to the bed and I devoured her with my mouth, exploring and teasing her until she was writhing with desire. I could not resist any longer, and I entered her eagerly, feeling her tight pussy squeezing my cock and driving me wild with pleasure. We moved together in a passionate rhythm, pushing each other to the brink of ecstasy.

Eventually, we both reached our climax, and I spilled my load inside of her, feeling my pleasure rush through my veins. We lay in each other’s arms and caught our breath, both feeling the pleasure of our tryst.

I quickly realized that I was head over heels in love with this gorgeous model, and I knew that I had just found my new favorite hobby: working with models. From that day on, I always enjoyed working with models, and I could not get enough of exploring their beautiful bodies.

The experiences I had with the models were always intimate and erotic, and I could not get enough of the pleasure they gave me. Those days working with models will always be some of my fondest memories, and I will never forget the pleasure they brought into my life.