Uncle Seducing Niece

Aunt and Uncle’s Naughty Seduction

Rufus and Eleanor had been married for over two decades and were still very much in love. They had two grown children, both of whom were out of the house and in college. This gave the couple a newfound freedom which they were both eager to explore.

Eleanor had always been attracted to her brother-in-law, who was a few years younger than she. Rufus had long been aware of her attraction, but had never acted on it, knowing that it would be wrong to do so. But now that their children were grown, the couple were free to explore their desires.

Eleanor had always been the bold and daring one between them, and one night she finally made her move. She invited her brother-in-law over for dinner and after they had eaten, she all but begged him to stay the night, assuring him that no one would know.

Rufus readily agreed and the two of them began to talk about all manner of things as they enjoyed each other’s company. Ever so gradually, their conversation became flirtatious and soon they were much closer than ever before.

Soon, Eleanor invited her brother-in-law to her bedroom, where she seductively undressed him before taking off her own clothes. She then proceeded to take his hardening member in her mouth, exploring its length and width with her soft lips and tongue.

Rufus could not believe how good it felt, and soon he was almost past the point of no return. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes, the two of them began to move together, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace.

The fire burning between them was intense and they moved in perfect harmony, both desperate to savor every second of their passionate union. With each thrust, Eleanor’s desire for her brother-in-law seemed to grow even stronger, and before long, the pair had reached the pinnacle of pleasure together.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two of them lay in each other’s arms, content in the knowledge that the fire between them was still just as strong as ever.

From that night forward, the two of them became even closer, enjoying heated make-out sessions and steamy nights together whenever the opportunity presented itself. They even began to explore their kinkier side together, visiting a local brothel and booking an escort every now and again.

Rufus and Eleanor reveled in their newfound freedom and felt liberated by their newfound sexual liberation. They knew that they had broken a taboo by succumbing to their desires, but they also knew that they were enjoying a level of pleasure that could never be achieved any other way.

And to this day, they still remain just as close and passionate as ever. The naughty seduction between them continues to give them both unadulterated pleasure, and they look forward to exploring their wild side for years to come.