The Queens Cuckold

Queen’s Cuckold: An Erotic Tale

It was a hot summer night in the small town of Kingsmay. The air was thick with the smell of desire and the stars were twinkling in the sky. The only thing breaking the silence was the occasional sound of crickets chirping in the night.

In the center of the town was a large castle that had been there for centuries. It was the home of the royal family of Kingsmay and the seat of the Queen. The Queen was a beautiful and powerful woman who ruled over her kingdom with an iron fist.

One day, the Queen had decided that she was bored and wanted to find something new and exciting to do. She heard about the cuckoldry scene in Kingsmay and decided to check it out. She had her servants to arrange a meeting with the cuckold Master in the castle and invited him to her chambers.

When he arrived, the Queen was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her curves perfectly and complimented her voluptuous figure. She sat down on her throne and ordered the cuckold Master to kneel before her. She had him explain the cuckoldry scene and what it entailed.

The cuckold Master explained that a cuckold is a man who allows his wife to have sex with someone else while he watches. He also explained that cuckolding is a consensual act and it can be an incredibly pleasurable experience for both parties.

The Queen was intrigued and wanted to know more. She asked the cuckold Master to show her what it was like to be a cuckold. He agreed and the Queen ordered her servants to bring in an attractive young man for the cuckold Master to watch her have sex with.

The young man was nervous but excited at the same time. He kneeled before the Queen and she exposed her breasts for him to worship. She then ordered him to pleasure her as the cuckold Master watched.

The young man complied and pleasured the Queen in ways she had never experienced before. His touch was tender and passionate and the Queen found herself becoming aroused as the cuckold Master watched.

Once the Queen was satisfied, the cuckold Master stepped forward and offered to pleasure her as the young man watched. She agreed and the cuckold Master proceeded to give her the most intense and pleasurable experience she had ever had.

By the time they were finished, the Queen was exhausted and satisfied. She thanked both men and ordered her servants to escort them out of the castle.

The Queen continued to indulge in her new found pleasure and was soon visiting the cuckold Master on a regular basis. She would invite her favorite young man to the castle and have him pleasure her as the cuckold Master watched.

The Queen found herself becoming more and more aroused each time she cuckolded her husband and her desire for more only increased. She even started to seek out new and exciting young men to bring to the castle.

The Queen was soon visiting the cuckold Master on a daily basis and as time went on, she began to crave even more. She wanted her husband to join in on the pleasure and soon started to invite him to the castle.

At first, the Queen’s husband was hesitant but the Queen was able to convince him to join in on the fun. She had her husband kneel before her and then proceeded to pleasure both men at the same time.

The Queen’s husband found himself getting more and more aroused as the cuckold Master watched. He soon found himself taking part in the pleasure and the Queen found herself loving the new dynamic.

The Queen and her husband enjoyed their new found pleasure and soon started to make it a regular event. They would invite different young men to the castle for the cuckold Master and the Queen’s husband to watch as the Queen pleasured them.

The Queen and her husband continued to indulge in their cuckolding sessions and soon found themselves visiting the cuckold Master more and more. They even started to venture out of the castle and visit local brothels and escorts.

The Queen and her husband were having the time of their lives and they were now becoming an inseparable couple. They would even take vacations together and visit different parts of the world to explore their newfound pleasure.

The Queen and her husband continued to enjoy their cuckolding and their love for each other only grew stronger. They were now living out their wildest fantasies and living happily ever after.

The End