Tales Of A Chronic Premature Cummer

Tales Of A Chronic Premature Cummer

I’ve always considered myself to be a chronic premature cummer. Since my teen years, I’d find myself unable to hold back once I’d reached the point of no return, no matter how hard I tried. It was a source of constant embarrassment and frustration. I figured I was just unlucky, destined to never reach the heights of sexual pleasure that everyone else seemed to be enjoying.

That all changed when I sought out the services of an escort. As soon as I stepped through the doors of the brothel, I felt my spirit lighten. Finally, I could explore my sexuality without the fear of my condition holding me back. I chose a stunning blonde escort, who promised to make all of my fantasies come true.

I lay back on the bed, eagerly anticipating my experience. She slowly undressed, revealing her toned, tanned body. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She moved closer, pressing her body against mine. Our lips met and I felt sparks of electricity course through me. I felt my heart racing as we undressed each other, exploring one another’s bodies with our hands and mouths.

She moved lower, skilfully teasing my body with her tongue and lips. I felt my body grow tense with pleasure, but I was determined not to finish too soon. She moved back up, locking her lips on mine as her hand began to stroke my erection. I gasped as I felt her grasp me tightly, her expert touch pushing me to the edge of reason.

Finally, she straddled me, settling herself onto my length. I wanted to scream out with pleasure, but I managed to hold back, focusing on the sensations radiating through my body. She began to rhythmically move, thrusting into me with such skill and precision that I could barely contain myself. My breathing grew rapid and I fought to keep my composure.

Finally, I felt myself reach the point of no return. I clung to her tightly, desperate not to finish too soon. But it was a battle I was destined to lose. I felt myself erupting, my body shaking with pleasure. She held me tightly, until the last wave of my orgasm had passed.

Once we’d finished, I felt a wave of relief and contentment wash over me. I realised that I no longer had to be ashamed of my condition. I’d found a way to enjoy my sexuality, even with my chronic premature ejaculation. From that day forward, I’ve made it a point to always make time for an escort when I want to indulge in some pleasurable experiences. They’ve really opened my eyes to the joys of sex and I’m incredibly grateful to them for it.