Swallowing My Friends Cum

Swallowing My Friend’s Cum – An Erotic Sex Story

I had been dreaming of this moment for a very long time. I had fantasized about it and even gotten aroused in the middle of the night thinking about it. I had longed for it and ached for it with every cell in my body. I was about to fulfill my deepest desire and swallow my friend’s cum.

It all started a few weeks ago when I was out with my friends. We had been drinking and talking about all the naughty things we’d like to do. One of my friends, let’s call him John, was particularly open about his desires. He talked about his fantasies of having a woman swallow his cum and I must admit, I was intrigued. I felt a stirring in my loins as I listened to him and I knew right then and there that I wanted to be the one to make his fantasy come true.

So, when John invited me over to his place a few days later, I quickly agreed. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. When I arrived at his place, I was greeted with a big hug, a kiss on the forehead, and a passionate embrace. We started making out right away and the chemistry between us was undeniable. I felt like I was in heaven as we explored each other’s bodies, caressing, kissing, and licking every inch of each other.

Soon enough, we were both ready for the main event. I got down on my knees in front of him and took his hard cock into my mouth. I started by licking and sucking it gently and then increased the intensity as he moaned in pleasure. I worked my way up and down, exploring every inch of his shaft and testicles before finally taking him all the way in my mouth.

I was in pure ecstasy as I felt him getting harder and harder inside my mouth. I kept up my pace and eventually he began to moan louder and louder as his orgasm slowly started to build. I knew he was getting close and that it was time to take this to the next level. Without hesitating, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his cum. I felt it slide down my throat and into my stomach and I felt so satisfied.

I looked up at him and saw the look of pure pleasure and satisfaction on his face. I knew right then and there that I had made him happy and it felt amazing. I had fulfilled his fantasy and swallowed his cum and I felt so proud of myself.

We lay there for a few minutes afterwards, just basking in each other’s presence. I couldn’t believe I had just done something so naughty and yet so satisfying. I finally understood why he had wanted it so badly and why it felt so good.

We eventually got dressed and said our goodbyes. I left his place with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I had fulfilled my deepest desire and swallowed my friend’s cum. It was a moment I will never forget and one that will always remain close to my heart.