Stansted Escort

Stansted Escort

Johnny had never been the sort of man that was into the idea of escorts. He was more a “one-woman-man” kind of guy, although he had a few casual flings over the years. So when he booked a Stansted Escort for the weekend, he was quite curious to see what the experience would be like.

The girl who showed up at the hotel was nothing short of stunning. Her tall frame was encased in a tight black dress that did nothing to hide her curves. Her long blonde hair hung down her back, and her green eyes were captivating. Johnny felt a stirring in his loins and he knew he was in for a treat.

After checking into the hotel, the two headed to the room that Johnny had rented. As soon as they stepped through the threshold, Johnny was all over her. He grabbed her and pulled her close, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. In no time, clothing was being removed and the passionate action soon moved to the bed.

For an hour or so, Johnny explored the body of the Stansted Escort. He kissed and caressed her curves until he found the spots that got her most aroused. Then, he started to stroke her and massage her in ways he had been too afraid to do with other women. He wanted her to remember his touch and he wanted her to know just how much pleasure he could give her.

When the time came for intercourse, Johnny couldn’t wait to immerse himself in her warm folds. He thrust in and out of her with powerful strokes that sent her into moans of pleasure. His own excitement kept on rising and it wasn’t long before he was close to his climax. When he felt her muscles tighten around him, Johnny released inside her and caught his breath as the intense pleasure washed over him.

The evening didn’t end there though. After a brief moment of rest, Johnny and the Stansted Escort decided to explore one of the more adult entertainment venues in the area. After a few drinks and some conversation, it wasn’t long before they were hitting the dancefloor. Johnny couldn’t believe how uninhibited she was and it made him even more aroused.

The night eventually came to an end, but Johnny and the Stansted Escort agreed to see each other again the next day. On Saturday, the two explored the sights and sounds of the city, with Johnny especially enjoying the views of the countryside. Later in the afternoon, they decided to enjoy a relaxing massage at one of the local spas.

That evening, Johnny and the Stansted Escort headed out for dinner and drinks before returning to the hotel room. They lay in bed for a few hours talking about their lives until the early hours of the morning. Eventually, though, it was time for the Stansted Escort to go home.

Johnny walked her to the door and when she turned to say goodbye, the two shared one last passionate kiss. As she left, Johnny knew he had had a truly amazing experience and he couldn’t wait for the next time they would see each other. Stansted Escort had changed the way he thought about escorts and he knew he would book her again next time he was in the area.