Special Maid

Special Maid: An Erotic Sex Story

Karen was the typical twenty-something female; she was attractive, had a great job, and was always looking for a good time. But she had a special something that set her apart from the rest; she was a special maid.

Karen had been hired by a wealthy gentleman to come and clean his mansion on a regular basis. He was a man of wealth and power and had a thing for gorgeous women. He paid her well for her services and even had his driver pick her up and drop her off each time.

It had been going on for some months now and Karen was starting to get restless. She was desperate for something more than just the mundane cleaning of his house. She had heard stories of his wild parties and was curious as to what really went on in there.

One day, while she was cleaning the bedroom, the gentleman walked in and caught her off guard. She was nervously dusting the furniture while he just stood there, watching her. Eventually, he spoke and asked her if she was interested in something more than just cleaning.

Karen was taken aback and asked him what he meant. He explained that he wanted her to become his special maid; someone who will not just clean his house but also do whatever he desired of her. He wanted her to be his sex slave.

Karen was appalled yet intrigued by his offer. She thought about it for days, debating whether or not to take the job. She was very tempted to say yes and explore a new side of her sexuality that she had not experienced before.

But in the end, she decided to take the job. She wanted to experience what it was like to be a special maid, so she went out and bought the sexiest outfit she could find. Her outfit consisted of a tight black corset, sheer black stockings, and a red thong to match.

When she arrived at the mansion, her employer was more than pleased with her outfit and asked her to follow him to the bedroom. He explained that he was the master and she was his slave, and that she was to obey his every command.

She nervously followed him to the bedroom and waited while he took off his clothes. He then ordered her to strip and do whatever he asked. She felt scared yet aroused at the same time, but she knew she must obey.

Karen began to remove her clothes, taking off her corset, stockings, and finally her thong. She stood before him naked and vulnerable. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

He explored her body with his hands and mouth, caressing her breasts, fondling her nipples, and running his fingers down her back. She gasped with pleasure as he touched her in all the right places.

He then laid her down on the bed and began to undress. He was huge and erect, and Karen could feel her body tremble with anticipation as she watched him expose himself. He then lay on top of her, pressing his body against hers and teasing her with his tongue.

Karen felt herself growing warmer as he explored her deeply and passionately. She felt like she was in a dream as he moved expertly inside her and brought her to orgasm. She felt so alive and was filled with pleasure and desire that she had never known before.

After they were both satisfied, he pulled out of her and laid beside her, pulling her close and caressing her body. He told her that she was his special maid, and that he was happy to have her as part of his home.

Karen had never felt so special and desired before. She thanked him for giving her the opportunity to experience something so incredible. She knew that she would never forget this night and all the pleasure it had brought her.

Karen wondered what other surprises her employer had in store for her, and she looked forward to finding out. She wanted to experience more of what it meant to be a special maid and was determined to make the most of the opportunity.