Spanking Kennys Wife

He Was Up for Spanking Kennys Wife

Kenny was a man who liked to take charge. He was always the one in control and he expected his wife to behave in a manner that was fitting to his expectations. He was a strong, alpha male and he had no problem holding his wife to account if she did not behave in the way that he judged as acceptable.

One night, while they were in bed together, Kenny decided that he wanted to spice things up a little. He was feeling particularly frisky and he decided that he was going to spank his wife. He knew that she was a bit hesitant about it, but he was determined to make it happen.

Kenny rolled his wife onto her stomach and started to give her a light spanking. His wife initially tried to resist, but as Kenny continued to spank her, she started to relax into it. She moaned lightly as Kenny continued to spank her firm ass.

He moved his hand up and down her ass, slowly and gently, before increasing the intensity of the spanking. His wife moaned louder and louder as he continued to spank her. Her moans getting louder and more frequent.

He spanked her for what seemed like an eternity, until she was panting and begging for more. Kenny stopped spanking her, and she lay there, exhausted, her ass still hot and red.

Kenny moved up and started to kiss her neck, running his hands over her body as he did. His hands moved up and down her body, exploring her curves. His hands moved lower and lower, until they were between her legs.

His fingers found their way inside her and he started to move them in circles, teasing her. His wife grabbed his hand and started to guide it, pushing it further inside her. Kenny followed her lead and started to thrust his fingers in and out of her.

His wife moaned louder and louder as he thrust his fingers further and further inside her. He could feel her wetness and he started to move his fingers faster and faster. His wife was panting and breathing heavily, her moans becoming increasingly louder.

Kenny pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue. He started to lick and taste her, exploring her body with his mouth. His wife lifted her hips and started to meet his mouth with her own. They kissed passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Kenny moved his hands up and started to massage her breasts. His fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He moved his hand lower and started to rub her clit in circles. His wife moaned louder and louder as he teased her more and more.

Kenny moved his hand down and started to stroke her inner thighs. His fingers moved closer and closer to her wetness, until finally he pushed two fingers inside her. He started to thrust his fingers in and out of her, increasing the intensity as he went.

His wife was panting and moaning, her breathing becoming more and more shallow. Kenny could feel her body tensing up, and he knew she was close. He started to move his fingers faster and faster, pushing her over the edge.

His wife screamed out his name as she came, her body shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. Kenny withdrew his fingers and moved his mouth down to her wetness. He started to lick and suck her, relishing in the taste of her.

Kenny moved his hand up and started to massage her body with his hands. His wife lay there, exhausted, enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm that she had just experienced. Kenny moved up and they kissed passionately, their bodies intertwined.

Kenny and his wife lay there in each other’s arms, enjoying the moment. What had started as a simple spanking had turned into one of the hottest and most intense sex sessions of their marriage. Kenny and his wife both knew that spanking had definitely become a new favourite of theirs.