Shy Wife Goes To Strip Club

Shy Wife Goes to Strip Club – An Erotic Sex Story

Mandy was your typical shy wife. She was the type of woman that others took for granted and rarely paid attention to. She had a good husband and two children, and she was content with her life. But every now and then, she would get this urge to let loose and do something wild and exciting.

One night, her husband was out of town on business, and Mandy decided it was the perfect opportunity to try something different. She had always been curious about the strip club down the street and decided to check it out. She was nervous, but she knew this was her chance to finally let go and experience something naughty and exciting.

When she entered the club, Mandy was immediately captivated by the sensual atmosphere. The music was loud, the lights were bright, and the stage was filled with gorgeous women dancing and twirling around poles. It was like nothing she had ever seen before.

Mandy was mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful women, and she couldn’t help but feel aroused by the naughty things they were doing on stage. She ordered a drink and tried her best to keep her composure as she watched the show.

But then, one of the dancers caught her eye. She was a tall, slender brunette with curves in all the right places. Mandy couldn’t take her eyes away from the gorgeous woman, who was now twirling around the pole with ease and grace.

As the stripper continued her performance, something inside Mandy started to stir. She wanted to be up there with her, to feel the same way she was feeling. Before she knew it, Mandy had made her way to the stage, and the stripper welcomed her with a smile and a kiss.

Mandy couldn’t believe what was happening. She was now up on the stage, being showered in attention by the beautiful stripper. The woman kissed her passionately and then started to undress her. Mandy felt her body go weak as the stripper caressed her, and soon, she was completely naked and feeling more aroused than ever before.

The stripper’s hands wandered down Mandy’s body, exploring every inch of her. Mandy felt her body quiver as the woman’s fingers trailed over her nipples, and then the stripper moved her hands lower, teasing her clit and making Mandy gasp with pleasure.

The stripper then took Mandy’s hand and led her off the stage, into a private room where they could be alone. The woman wasted no time in pushing Mandy onto the bed and undressing her.

Mandy felt like she was in a dream as the stripper explored her body, kissing and sucking on her nipples, licking and teasing her clit, and finally sliding her fingers inside of Mandy and sending her into a frenzy of pleasure.

The stripper then moved her mouth lower, taking Mandy’s panties off and licking and sucking on her pussy until Mandy was screaming in pleasure. The woman then moved up and kissed Mandy deeply, her tongue exploring Mandy’s mouth as Mandy grabbed onto her hair, pulling her in closer.

The stripper then grabbed a bottle of lube and proceeded to lick and kiss Mandy’s ass before sliding two fingers inside her and fucking her from behind. Mandy screamed in pleasure as the woman pounded her harder and harder, her fingers hitting her G-spot in just the right way.

Finally, the woman reached around and grabbed Mandy’s breasts, teasing her nipples as she reached her climax. Mandy was completely spent, and she lay back, panting and thinking about how amazing it felt to be so naughty and wild.

When the woman had finished, Mandy thanked her for the experience and asked for her phone number. The woman smiled and nodded before giving her a hug goodbye and heading out of the room.

Mandy lay in bed for hours afterwards, thinking about the amazing time she had just had. She was still amazed by how she had gone from being a shy wife to an adventurous wild woman in only a few hours, and she couldn’t wait to do it all again.