Sexual Adventures With Older Women

Sexual Adventures With Older Women

I had always been fascinated by older women, from a young age I was entranced by their shapely bodies, their confidence, and their air of knowingness. I always felt drawn to them. I knew that if I ever wanted to explore my own sexuality, I would need to find an older woman who was willing to teach me.

My opportunity presented itself when I was eighteen and a family friend offered me a job in her bar. She was in her mid-forties and had a seemingly insatiable appetite for sex. Her name was Lucy, and she had a thing for younger men. She was always hinting at what she wanted, but I was too shy to take her up on her offers.

One night, after the bar closed, she cornered me in the back room and made an offer I couldn’t refuse. She told me she wanted to show me the pleasures of being with an older woman, and that she had something special in mind for me. She said she would pick me up at my house the next night, and that I was to wear something special.

The next night, Lucy showed up at my house in a black dress and high heels. She asked me to follow her to her car and we drove off into the night. After a short drive, we stopped at a hotel in a seedy part of town. Lucy told me this was her special place, and that she had reserved a room for us.

I followed her up to the room, feeling both excited and scared. I was nervous, but also aroused at the thought of what was to come. Inside the room, she started to undress, revealing her mature body. I was mesmerized by the sight of her body and I could feel myself getting aroused.

She asked me to strip and I did, feeling more and more aroused as I did so. She lay down on the bed and motioned for me to join her. I crawled up onto the bed and she started to caress my body. I felt her experienced hands move over me and felt a warmth in my body that I had never felt before.

She asked me to kiss her and I did, feeling my arousal grow even more. I could feel her body melting into mine as we kissed and caressed each other. She then asked me to turn around so she could take me from behind. I felt her expert hands move over my body, lifting me onto her hips as she moved in and out of me.

I felt waves of pleasure as she moved inside me, and soon I was lost in the moment. We moved together in a rhythm that felt so natural and so pleasurable that I just wanted more. She increased her speed and soon I was overcome by wave after wave of pleasure. I screamed out in ecstasy and then we both lay there in a blissful post-sex haze.

The next morning, we drove back home in silence. I felt like I had experienced something special and that I wanted more. I knew then that I wanted to explore my sexuality further with Lucy, and that I wanted to experience more of the pleasure she had given me.

For the next few months, I continued to visit Lucy in her hotel room, and each time she showed me something new. She taught me about pleasure, and I explored all the different ways of giving and receiving pleasure. I learned about the power of touch, and how it can be used to bring both pleasure and pain. I discovered the joys of bondage and domination, and I learned that there is much more to sex than I ever imagined.

I also learned that there is no shame in exploring my sexuality, and that it is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. I am now much more confident in myself and my sexuality, and I have Lucy to thank for that. She showed me a different type of pleasure, one that I never even knew existed. It was an amazing experience, and one I will never forget.