Punished By His Mistress

Punished By His Mistress: An Erotic Sex Story

She was the type of woman who commanded attention and obedience. Standing at nearly six feet tall, with curves that could make any man weak in his knees, she was the kind of woman who never had to ask for anything twice. Men stepped aside and spoke in hushed tones at her command and when she looked your way, you felt the need to bow your head in reverence.

Michael was one of the few men who was lucky enough to have the pleasure of being under the control of this Mistress. From the first time he met her, he knew he was in for a wild ride. She had a commanding aura about her that seemed to say, “Do as I say, or suffer the consequences.”

Michael had no choice but to obey and he found himself in a passionate love affair with his mistress. Every night, she would send him a text message telling him to come to her home at a certain time. Michael always showed up and was never late.

Tonight was no different, as he arrived at her doorstep right on time. As he stepped inside, she was already waiting for him and she had a commanding yet seductive look on her face. “You know what to do,” she said as she pointed to the chair in the middle of her living room.

Michael knew exactly what was expected of him. He sat down in the chair and his Mistress began her punishment. She started by lightly spanking his bare backside with a leather paddle. The sensations made his body tingle with pleasure and he could feel himself getting aroused.

His Mistress seemed to sense it too and she moved her hands down to his inner thighs to caress them. She then moved her hands lower, until she was cupping his manhood in her hands. She began to stroke it gently, making him moan with pleasure at her touch.

Michael leaned back in the chair, his eyes closed in bliss. His Mistress continued to stroke him, her fingers exploring every inch of him. His body felt like it was on fire and he couldn’t help but to let out small moans of pleasure as she touched him.

His Mistress then took her exploring even further, guiding him out of the chair and onto the bed. She began to kiss and lick him all over, taking pleasure in every inch of his body. She then took her time exploring his manhood with her mouth, her tongue sweeping over it and teasing it until he was begging for more.

Michael couldn’t take it anymore and he begged her to let him finish. His Mistress finally gave in and allowed him to enter her. She guided him in slowly, her hands gripping his hips tightly as he moved in and out of her. His Mistress then took control, riding him and pushing him deeper and deeper into her until he was moaning in pleasure.

Michael’s Mistress then moved them into a standing position, her hands gripping his hips tightly as she rode him. He could feel his pleasure building up and before he knew it, he was climaxing with her name on his lips. His Mistress then pulled him down onto the bed and snuggled up to him, holding him tightly in her arms.

Michael had been punished by his Mistress and he couldn’t have been happier. This was a night that he would never forget and it would always remind him of who was in control. His Mistress had taught him a lesson and he vowed to always remember it.