Premature Fetish

Josh had always been intrigued by something he had heard about: premature fetish. He had read some articles online, but they were more scientific than sexual; they didn’t really give him a sense of what it was like in practice.

He wanted to know more, so he decided to take the plunge and find out what it was all about. He wasn’t sure if it would be a permanent switch in his sexual preferences, or just a fleeting curiosity, but he was determined to give it a try.

He started by looking online for some escort services that advertised premature fetish. He found a few, but wasn’t sure which one to choose. He ended up randomly selecting one, a high-end service that specialized in this type of fetish.

The owner, who went by the name of ‘Jenna’, was very polite and friendly. She explained to him the different levels of experience that her customers might have and their preferences. After a short conversation, she assured Josh that he had made the right choice and she would make sure he had the best experience possible.

They scheduled a date for the following week and Josh counted down the days until the big day arrived. When it did, Josh nervously got ready for the night ahead of him. He took a shower, shaved, and put on some nice clothes; nothing too extravagant, just something that made him look a bit more confident.

At 8pm, his doorbell rang and there was Jenna. She was attractive, with long blonde hair and a petite frame. She was dressed up in lingerie with a pair of high heels that emphasized her curves. She smiled at Josh, gave him a glass of wine, and asked if he was ready. He nodded and the two of them headed upstairs.

Once they were in the bedroom, Jenna took control. She explained to Josh what he should expect and how she would take care of him. She instructed him to undress and lay down on the bed. She started by gently stroking his chest, kissing and licking his neck, and then slowly making her way down to his inner thighs.

She teased him with her tongue and fingers, exploring every inch of his body. Josh felt incredibly aroused and soon he was arching his back and bucking his hips in anticipation. Jenna was expertly skilled, and before long, Josh was begging for her to let him come.

“Not yet,” Jenna purred, teasing and tantalizing him a little more before finally allowing him to reach climax. Josh’s body tensed as he felt it coming; a wave of pleasure that seemed to go on and on. When it was finally over, his body was trembling and he felt completely satisfied.

Josh thanked Jenna and said goodbye before heading back home. He was completely invigorated and thrilled by the experience, and he couldn’t wait to do it again. From that day forward, he was hooked on premature fetish and the pleasure it provided.