Pakistani Escort

The Night I Hired a Pakistani Escort: A Steamy Tale of Studying, Gambling, and Hot Sex

Life had not been going the way I planned. A study grant to study in the UK had taken a wrong turn and left me stranded and with no money. I had lost my grant and was unable to pay my tuition fees. Desperate times called for desperate measures and I formulated a plan. I would make money by gambling. Living in London provided me with access to a variety of casinos to try my luck.

One night I decided to head to the nearest casino. As I was getting ready I realized the night was about to be more exciting than planned. I heard a knock at my door and I opened it to reveal a petite, dark-haired lady. She was a Pakistani escort sent by a friend of mine. I was ready for a wild night!

The Pakistani escort’s name was Fiza. She was drop-dead gorgeous and had a body that was made for sin. Her skin was smooth, tanned and glistening with sweat in the warmth of the evening. Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement and I couldn’t help but admire her curves. My heart raced and I couldn’t help but feel aroused by her presence.

We made our way to the casino, hand in hand. Fiza kept stealing glances at me and whispering naughty things that made me blush. The atmosphere in the casino was electric and Fiza quickly drew an audience of admirers. I couldn’t help but feel proud as my already aroused state increased by the minute.

I handed Fiza a stack of chips and she smiled. “Let’s try our luck!” she said, before placing a few chips on the roulette table. I watched with baited breath as the wheel spun around. To our delight, the final number was a hit, and we were suddenly wealthy. We celebrated by ordering champagne and dancing the night away.

We left the casino and hailed a taxi back to my apartment. By now the night had taken a decidedly steamy turn. We were both aroused and hungry for each other. Fiza took control of the situation and began to undress me, lightly touching me in all the right places. She kissed and bit my neck as her hands explored my body. I could feel an intense heat flooding my body and it was clear that tonight was going to be full of pleasure.

We stumbled into my bedroom and Fiza began to pleasure me. She kissed and licked her way down my body, teasing me with her tongue. I gasped as she reached my cock, taking it in her mouth and blowing hot breath over it. She stroked and sucked it expertly, sending pleasurable chills down my spine.

Fiza then moved down lower, expertly licking and teasing my balls. I moaned with pleasure as her tongue explored the sensitive area before her head bobbed up and down, taking me deeper into her mouth. I was amazed at the intensity and skill she applied to her task.

Finally, Fiza moved up to my chest and planted kisses around my nipples before making her way down my tummy. She stopped to tease my navel before moving back down towards my groin. I groaned in pleasure as her soft lips closed around my cock and began to suck. She expertly worked her way up and down, her fist gently massaging my shaft as I felt my climax building.

Fiza then flipped me over and I felt her body press against my back. Her hands spread my legs as her tongue explored my ass. I felt her enter me, her fingers spreading my cheeks as she pushed her tongue deeper and deeper. I gasped with pleasure as her skilled tongue sent intense vibrations through my body.

As I felt my orgasm approach, I reached back and grabbed Fiza’s hair. She moaned and increased her motions, pushing me to the brink. I cried out as I came, my body shaking with pleasure as I felt my orgasm wash over me. Fiza lay beside me, and we both shared a satisfied smile before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, I awoke to find Fiza gone. In her place was a note that read simply, “Thank you for a wonderful night.” I smiled, thinking back to our steamy encounter. That night had been one of the most pleasurable of my life. I was grateful Fiza had come into my life, if only for a night, and I was sure I’d never forget our wild night together.