Nudist College Cumsawp Party

Nudist College Cumsawp Party: An Erotic Sex Story

The sun had just begun to set when the guests started to arrive at the Nudist College Cumsawp Party. The party was being held at a secluded beach just outside of town. It was a hot summer night and the cool ocean breeze was a welcome reprieve from the heat of the day.

The guests, who were mostly college students, stripped off their clothes and dived into the water. The waves lapped against their exposed skin as they talked, laughed, and flirted with one another.

At the edge of the beach, two young men were busy setting up a make-shift bar. Behind them, a few other men were grilling various types of food. There was a makeshift dance floor set up as well and music could be heard in the background.

Everyone was having a good time, but the real action was about to start. A few of the more daring guests had decided to participate in the cumsawp game. It was a game of chance involving the collection of bodily fluids and the chance to win a prize.

The rules were simple: the first person to collect the most bodily fluids from their competitors in one hour would win a cash prize.

The game was met with enthusiasm and each person began to compete against the others. They all took turns sucking, licking, and caressing each other’s bodies in search of the prize. As the hour went by, some men and women became very aroused and could not help but get involved in the action.

Some were kissing and licking one another, while others were giving blowjobs and having sex in front of everyone else. Some even had their way with the other men and women in their group, who were too aroused to say no.

As the hour was coming to a close, the winner of the cumsawp game was announced. It was a young woman who had managed to collect the most bodily fluids from her competitors. Everyone applauded her and she smiled in victory.

The music started up again and the party continued. Some of the couples went off to find a more secluded spot to have some fun, while others stayed where they were and continued to dance and drink.

The night quickly turned into morning without anyone noticing. The young guests had their fill of fun and pleasure. They said their goodbyes and went off to their respective homes.

It had been an unforgettable night and they would be talking about it for months to come. The Nudist College Cumsawp Party had been a success and everyone had enjoyed being free of their clothes and engaging in some naughty behavior in front of their peers.