Naughty Masseur

Naughty Masseur: An Erotic Sex Story

Ella was having a stressful day at work and was in desperate need of some relaxation and pampering. She had heard some amazing things about the Naughty Masseur, so she decided to give it a try. She booked an appointment and was surprised at how quickly she was able to get a spot.

When she arrived at the Naughty Masseur’s office, she was greeted by a tall, handsome man with a mischievous glint in his eye. He was dressed in a tight-fitting white uniform, and he had a powerful presence that was both intimidating and inviting. She couldn’t help but feel excited and a bit nervous.

The massage therapist showed her to a private room and told her to undress and lie down on the massage table. He left the room and returned a few minutes later with some massage oils and a few other items. He then proceeded to massage her body in slow, sensuous strokes, starting from her feet and working his way up to her neck and shoulders.

With each stroke, Ella felt her tension melting away and her body becoming more relaxed. The massage therapist’s hands were strong and firm, and he seemed to know exactly which pressure points to hit to alleviate her stress and make her feel more alive.

The massage therapist then asked her to turn over so that he could massage her back. She complied, and he began to massage her back in slow, circular motions. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, as if he had an innate ability to know just where to touch her in order to make her body quiver with pleasure.

As the massage progressed, Ella felt her body becoming more aroused. The massage therapist continued to work his magic on her body, hitting all the right spots to make her moan with pleasure. By the time he finished the massage, Ella was practically purring with satisfaction.

The massage therapist then asked her to roll over again, and this time he straddled her body. He began to massage her breasts and nipples, teasing her and sending waves of pleasure through her body. She felt like she was in another world, one where the only thing that mattered was pleasure.

The massage therapist then moved down to her stomach, kissing and licking her skin, before finally coming to her inner thighs. He began to massage her there, and it felt so good that Ella could hardly contain herself. The massage therapist then moved a bit lower, and Ella felt her breath quicken as he stroked her clit and teased her with his tongue.

The massage therapist then moved back up, but this time he was kissing and licking her entire body. Ella felt like she was in Heaven, and she wanted this feeling to last forever. But all too soon, the massage therapist was done, and Ella was left feeling completely satisfied and blissfully happy.

Ella thanked the massage therapist for the amazing experience and made a mental note to come back soon. She had finally found the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work – the Naughty Masseur.