Naked Bound

Naked Bound

It felt like electric shocks were running through my body as I slowly made my way to the door at the end of the hallway. I had heard so much about this place, and yet I still wasn’t sure what to expect. I had no idea how I was going to handle it. As I reached out my hand to open the door, I couldn’t help but feel a hint of apprehension.

When I opened the door, I was mesmerized by what I saw. The walls were draped with lush velvet curtains, and in the center of the room was a massive bed with red satin sheets stretched out invitingly. On the walls were an array of instruments and tools, some of which I had no idea what they were used for. I stepped inside, feeling a wave of heat surge through my body.

I was alone in the room, but I had a feeling that I was not alone in the building. As I looked around, I noticed several other rooms, some of which had doors that were slightly ajar. I could hear soft voices and moans coming from within, and noticed the faint smell of sex lingering in the air. I was aroused and felt my heart racing as I made my way over to the bed.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of strong hands roughly grab my wrists and before I could even realize what was happening I was being bound with rope, my wrists tied together and my arms pulled up above my head. I felt my pulse quicken as I realized that I was completely at someone’s mercy. Even though it felt intimidating, I was also incredibly aroused.

A figure appeared from the shadows and I gasped as I saw that it was a gorgeous, muscular man. He had a wicked gleam in his eyes, and I could see that he was getting aroused from tying me up. His face was inches away from mine, and I felt my skin flush as he kissed me hard. I felt myself melting into him as I returned his rough kiss. His hands were exploring my body, caressing my curves and exploring every inch of me. I felt my breath quicken as he stroked my inner thigh and then suddenly I felt his fingers slipping inside of me.

I moaned as he teased and prodded me, his fingers pushing and pulling inside me. He continued to pleasure me until I felt myself teetering on the edge of orgasm. Just as I was about to reach the peak of pleasure, I felt him pull back and his fingers slipping out of me. His hands were now traveling down my back and I gasped as I felt him flip me onto my stomach.

He roughly pulled away my panties and spread my cheeks apart, exposing my tight, wet hole. His tongue ran up and down my ass, teasing my clitoris and sending ripples of pleasure through my body. I screamed out as I felt his hard cock pressing up against my entrance, pushing his way inside of me. His thrusts were slow and steady at first and then suddenly he began pounding me harder and faster.

My moans echoed in the room as he pounded me relentlessly, his thrusts becoming faster and harder. I could feel his hot ejaculations spilling inside of me and I felt my own orgasm coming in waves. He continued to thrust his hips until I felt myself coming down from the high of my orgasm. My body was shaking, and my muscles were aching from pleasure.

He untied my wrists and my arms dropped to my sides as he rolled off of me. He gave me a slow, sensuous kiss and then got up from the bed. As he got dressed and made his way from the room, I lay there, savoring the aftershocks that were gently throbbing through my body.

This experience was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I had been bound, explored, teased and pleasured in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. I was in awe at how sexy something as simple as being bound could be. I knew that I wanted to experience this again, and the thought of being taken to such extremes was exhilarating.