My Own Heaven

My Own Heaven – A Hot Sex Story

With a heavy sigh, I stepped through the door and into a world of pleasure. A world of heavenly bliss filled with all manner of delights; a world of beauty and pleasure that was My Own Heaven.

The first thing I noticed was the rich aroma of exotic incense that lingered in the air, permeating every corner of My Own Heaven. It was the single most intoxicating scent I had ever experienced and it filled me with a sense of anticipation and excitement.

The second thing I noticed was the beautiful women that were scattered throughout the room. They wore skimpy lingerie and high heels and each one of them had a smile on their face that was inviting, seductive and alluring. They were here to provide pleasure to anyone who desired it and I could hardly contain my excitement.

I walked around, taking in the sights and sounds of My Own Heaven, and stopped in front of a stunning brunette. She smiled at me and beckoned me closer with a single finger and I eagerly obliged. We began to kiss passionately and explored each other’s bodies with gentle caresses and delicate touches. She slowly removed her lingerie and my eyes widened as I took in her perfect curves. I leaned in and kissed her neck and worked my way down to her breasts, taking each one in my mouth and teasing them with my tongue.

She moaned in pleasure and encouraged me to keep going. I trailed my kisses lower and lower, teasing her navel before tracing a line down to her hips and inner thigh. She gasped in pleasure as I kissed her most sensitive area and I felt her body quivering with anticipation. I moved further down and took her into my mouth, using my tongue, lips and teeth to send waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

She let out a loud gasp and I felt her body trembling with delight. I moved back up to her lips and we kissed passionately until she finally whispered her orgasm.

We fell onto the bed and continued to explore each other’s bodies. We explored each other’s curves and explored each other’s desires. We tried out various positions and each one seemed to bring its own unique pleasure. We finally reached a climax that felt like a powerful explosion of pleasure that shook both our bodies and filled us with an incredible amount of pleasure.

Afterwards, I lay in her arms in a contented bliss and I realized that this was My Own Heaven. A place where I could experience pleasure and satisfaction beyond my wildest dreams. I was grateful for such a wonderful experience and I knew that I would be back soon to experience it all again.