My Older Neighbor

My Older Neighbor: A Naughty Erotic Sex Story

It had been an incredibly hot summer day, and I had been out in the sun for most of it. My skin was glistening with sweat, and I just wanted to take a cool shower and relax with a cold drink. As I walked back to my apartment, I couldn’t help but notice my attractive older neighbor lounging out on her balcony in a skimpy bikini. I had always been attracted to her, and now I was getting aroused just looking at her.

I thought to myself, “This could be a great opportunity to get to know her better and maybe even get a little naughty.” With that thought in mind, I decided to take my chances and say hello.

I knocked on her door and waited. After a few moments, she opened it and smiled at me. “Hello,” she said. “What can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering if you wanted to go swimming,” I replied. “It’s been so hot today, and I thought it’d be nice to cool off in the pool.”

She smiled and said, “Sure, why not? Let me just get my things together and I’ll meet you down there.”

I thanked her and went down to the pool. I couldn’t believe my luck; here I was alone with my beautiful older neighbor. We chatted for a little while and it quickly became obvious that we were both attracted to one another. The chemistry between us was palpable, and I could feel my heart racing as I looked into her eyes.

Suddenly, without warning, she leaned in and kissed me. I was surprised but also ecstatic; I had been wanting to kiss her for some time. Our lips locked and I felt a surge of pleasure course through my body. We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity and then she pulled away.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s go up to my place.”

I followed her up to her apartment and we went straight to the bedroom. She lay on the bed and began to undress, revealing her toned body to me. I felt my desire rising and I moved closer to her, placing my hands on her curves. She smiled and then reached her hands out to me. We embraced and kissed passionately, exploring each other with our hands and tongues.

She then pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. She ground her hips on top of mine and I felt her warm flesh against my own. She then lowered her head to my neck, kissing and licking my sensitive skin. I felt a surge of pleasure and I moaned with delight.

My neighbor then moved her hands down to my waist and began to unbutton my shorts. I gasped as she pulled the fabric away from my body, revealing my aroused cock. She ran her hands over it and then leaned forward, taking my member into her mouth. I gasped with pleasure as she began to suck and lick my shaft. She then moved her head up and down as she took me deeper and deeper into her throat.

I could no longer contain my pleasure, and I cried out with ecstasy. My neighbor then moved her hands down to my ass and began to massage it, her fingers kneading my flesh. I felt a surge of pleasure course through me and I could feel my orgasm rising. I then grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her mouth, my energy building up until I finally exploded with pleasure.

Once my orgasm had passed, I lay back on the bed and my neighbor curled up beside me. We kissed and caressed each other for some time, exploring each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths. This was the most intimate and pleasurable experience I had ever had, and I was left feeling completely satisfied.

My older neighbor and I continued our affair for months, meeting regularly and exploring each other in a variety of naughty ways. We explored BDSM, role-played, and even visited a few brothels together. We had an understanding that our relationship was purely physical and that we would never let our emotions get in the way. We both wanted to keep things light and enjoy each other’s company without any strings attached.

It was the perfect arrangement for the both of us, and our naughty and intimate encounters always left us feeling satisfied. I had finally found the perfect older neighbor for my own naughty desires.