My Mom Seduces Dads Bosses

My Mom Seduces Dads Bosses
My mom had always been a bit of a wild one. She was a free spirit and was not afraid to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. She was also always looking for ways to make a little extra money and that’s how she ended up seducing my dad’s bosses.

My mom had a way of making men feel special and one day she decided to use this talent to her advantage. She had heard that my dad’s company was doing well and his bosses were making more money than ever. She figured she could use her charms to get some of that money for herself.

So, one day she put on her most revealing outfit and went to visit my dad’s office. She got all the eyes in the room and the bosses were no exception. She made sure to make eye contact with each of them and they were all drawn to her.

My mom started flirting with the bosses and they were all taken in by her charms. She was a master seductress and she knew exactly what to say and do to make them feel special. She flirted and teased them until they were all putty in her hands.

Finally, my dad’s bosses could not resist her anymore and they invited her to their apartment for some ‘discreet’ fun. My mom had been planning this all along and she eagerly accepted the invitation.

Once at the apartment, my mom started to take off her clothes and the bosses could not believe their eyes. She had a perfect body and she knew how to work it. She started to move her body in ways that made the bosses go wild. She was in control and was determined to make them do whatever she wanted.

My mom soon had the bosses completely under her spell and they were begging her to have sex with them. She obliged and soon they were all stripped down and having the time of their lives.

My mom used her body to make the bosses do whatever she wanted and they were more than willing to comply. She was a master of seduction and she made sure to use her skills to her advantage.

When it was all over, the bosses were more than happy to give my mom the money she wanted. She had used her body and her wits to get what she wanted and she was not going to let this opportunity pass her by.

My mom left the apartment with a smile on her face, knowing she had just gotten what she wanted. She had used her body and her charm to get the money she wanted and she was not going to let anyone stop her.

My mom had seduced my dad’s bosses and gotten the money she wanted. She knew she had played a dangerous game but she was willing to take the risk and it had paid off. She had used her body to get what she wanted and she was not going to let anyone stop her.