Mother In Law Massage

Mother-in-Law Massage

John and his wife, Mary, had been married for almost five years and they had a beautiful daughter together. They had a great relationship and were both extremely happy in their marriage.

One day, Mary’s mother, Mrs. Davis, came to visit them. Mrs. Davis was a very sweet woman, but she had always been a little more reserved and stoic than the rest of the family. She was always the one who provided the moral support and kept the family together.

John was a bit taken aback when Mrs. Davis asked him if he would like to get a massage during her stay. He was not sure what to say and he thought it was a bit odd that she was asking, but he also knew that she was trying to be nice. He thanked her for the offer, but told her he did not think it was necessary.

Mrs. Davis, however, persisted and said that she had found an old friend who was a masseuse and that she wanted to pay for him to get a massage as a way to thank John for all he has done for the family. John still felt a bit uneasy about it and he was not sure if he really wanted to get a massage, but he did not want to be rude and he agreed to go.

When John arrived at the massage parlour, he was surprised to find that the masseuse was not an old friend of Mrs. Davis, but rather a young woman. She was quite attractive and her long brown hair flowed down past her shoulders. She was wearing a low-cut top, showing off a bit of cleavage, and a pair of tight-fitting shorts that accentuated her curves.

John was a bit embarrassed, but he followed the young woman into her room. He was asked to strip down to his underwear and lay down on the massage table. Before starting, the woman put some oil in her hands and rubbed it into John’s body. She began the massage with light strokes, but soon she applied more pressure and began kneading his muscles.

John started to become aroused, but he tried to ignore it. As the massage progressed, however, the sensations became more and more intense and John started to pant and moan. The woman started touching John in more intimate areas, running her hands over his chest, abdomen and thighs. She started exploring his body and John felt his body trembling with pleasure.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the woman asked John to turn over and she began to massage his back. She worked her way down his spine and then paused at his buttocks. Her hands moved in circles and she massaged his buttocks for a few moments. John felt his body trembling with pleasure and he let out a moan of pleasure as her hands started to explore more tender areas.

He felt her hand drift down and soon she started to massage his member. She worked it gently and then started to stroke it faster and faster. John felt like he was going to explode, but before he could do so, the massage ended and the woman was gone.

John felt relieved and satisfied and he thanked the woman for her services. He thanked Mrs. Davis for arranging the massage and he thanked the universe for such an amazing experience.

John had never had a massage that intense before and he knew that he wanted more. He started to look around for a regular massage parlour, but he could not find one that offered the same kind of service as the one he had just had.

A few days later, John received a call from Mrs. Davis. She told him that she had arranged for him to get a massage from her old friend again. She said that he should come over in the evening and that she would arrange for the masseuse to come to the house. John was excited and he could hardly wait for the evening to arrive.

When the evening finally came, John was ready and he was eager to feel the sensual hands of the masseuse exploring his body once again. When she arrived, she had a bottle of oil with her and she asked him to lie down on the bed.

She started the massage slowly and methodically, slipping her hands all over John’s body. His body was trembling with pleasure as she massaged each part of his body, lingering in certain areas and spending extra time on his member. His breath became short, and soon he was moaning with pleasure.

The masseuse moved her handslower and lower, and John felt an intense pleasure that he had never felt before. She started stroking his member faster and faster, and soon he was panting and moaning as he felt his body trembling with pleasure.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she allowed him to release his pent up pleasure. He felt relieved and satisfied, and thanked the masseuse for her services.

John thanked Mrs. Davis for arranging the massage, and he thanked the universe for such an amazing experience. He knew that no matter how many other massages he would receive in the future, this one would always be the best.