Mommy Wants A Daughter

Mommy Wants A Daughter: An Erotic Sex Story

She had been dreaming of it for years, the fantasy of having a daughter of her own. She had always wanted to experience the joy, the love and the connection that comes with being a mother and a daughter. No one had ever understood why, and she was often teased for her longing, but she had never given up her dream.

Finally, after years of fantasizing and waiting, she found the perfect opportunity. She discovered an escort service that specialized in providing women for those who wished to experience the joys of a mother and daughter relationship.

The woman she met was young and beautiful, and she was eager to make her client happy. She quickly put on a show, stripping off her clothes and then caressing her body in a sensual manner. The woman had a twinkle in her eyes and a playful attitude that made her irresistible.

Her client was taken aback by the beautiful woman before him. He had never seen anyone so sexy and beautiful. He wanted to take her right then and there, but he knew he had to be patient and let the woman lead the way.

The woman began to kiss him, starting at his neck and then working her way down. She explored his body with her lips, teasing and pleasing him as she went. His body responded instinctively, and before he knew it he was lost in a sea of pleasure.

The woman then moved to his groin, getting down on her knees and taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked, exploring every inch of his shaft with her tongue. He moaned in delight as she expertly worked him towards completion.

Finally, when he was near the edge of orgasm, the woman pulled back and stood up. She then began to undress, revealing her beautiful body underneath. She then took his hands and guided them to her breasts, letting him caress them as she kissed him deeply.

The woman then took him over to the bed, laying him down and taking off the rest of her clothes. She then straddled him, grinding her hips against his as she moved. He could feel her wetness and heat, and it only added to the pleasure.

The woman moved faster and harder, and he soon found himself on the edge of climax. She then leaned forward and kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth as he came.

Afterwards, the woman brought out a vibrator and began to pleasure herself. She had brought it for a special occasion, and she thought it would be the perfect way to experience her fantasy with her client.

She slowly inserted it into her pussy, moaning as it hit all the right spots. She moved it in and out, her pleasure building with each movement. She moved faster and harder, until finally she came with a loud moan.

The woman then lay beside her client, her head resting on his chest. They embraced and kissed tenderly, and he held her in his arms as they snuggled close.

He then took her hand and guided it down to his crotch, and she smiled as she felt his erection. She straddled him again, her pussy ready for his entry. She then moved up and down, her hips grinding against him as he thrust deep inside her.

The woman moaned in pleasure as he pounded her, and soon both of them were on the edge of orgasm. They came together, her orgasm intensifying his own.

Afterwards, they lay together in each other’s arms, their bodies trembling with pleasure. The woman then whispered into his ear, “Thank you for helping me fulfil my dream. I now have a daughter of my own.”