Mommy Needs Sons Cum

Mommy Needs Sons Cum – An Erotic Sex Story

It had been a long and challenging day for Mommy. She had been working hard all day and now that the kids were in bed, she felt like she deserved a break. She had been thinking about this for days now and if nothing else, she was going to make the most of it.

Mommy had been fantasizing about her son’s cum lately and she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She craved the taste of his creamy cum and the way it would make her body feel.

Mommy was so horny, she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to make her fantasy a reality and she was going to make it happen. She hadn’t done this in years but it was time to indulge her desires.

Mommy slipped out of her clothes, revealing her toned and tanned body. Her curves and her ample breasts made her look like a goddess. She knew that her son was going to love what he saw when she finally finished getting ready.

She made her way to her son’s bedroom, taking care to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake him. She opened the door and saw him sleeping peacefully. She silently made her way to his bed and carefully slid in next to him.

Mommy started out by just rubbing his body and planting soft kisses on his neck and chest. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, wanting to make sure he felt her presence and her desire. As her hands moved to his pants, he started to stir and she quickly whispered to him that it was just Mommy and to relax.

Mommy slowly unzipped his pants and slid her hands inside. His erection was massive and she couldn’t help but marvel at how hard he was. She started to stroke him gently, feeling his muscles tighten and his breathing become more ragged.

Mommy put her lips around his tip and slowly licked from base to tip. She could feel him quiver as her tongue explored his entire length. She moved up and down, squeezing his shaft tightly as she did.

Mommy then moved her mouth down and started to suck him. She loved the way his body reacted to her touch and the feel of his cum filling her mouth. She kept up the sucking, wanting more and more of his cum until finally he started to groan and his cum shot into her mouth.

Mommy savored the taste, feeling the warmth of his cum on her tongue. She swallowed it all, enjoying the pleasure it was giving her. She then collapsed next to him, feeling satisfied and happy.

Mommy had never felt so satisfied before and she was soaring on the feeling of accomplishment. She had finally fulfilled her fantasy and she couldn’t help but smile. She had just experienced something magical and it was all because of her son.