Mistress Nikki

Mistress Nikki – An Erotic Sex Story

A young submissive man named John had been fantasizing about a woman he’d heard of called Mistress Nikki. He’d heard tales of her dominance and skill with rope, and of her supposed ability to bring any man to his knees.

John was determined to find out if the rumors were true, and so he spent days scouring the internet for information on her. Eventually, he was able to find a website that offered Mistress Nikki’s services, and he contacted her right away.

Mistress Nikki arrived at John’s house shortly thereafter, dressed in a tight leather corset, thigh-high boots, and a long flowing cape. She took one look at John and knew exactly what he wanted.

Without a word, she led him to the bedroom and commanded him to lay down on the bed. She then proceeded to tie him up with the elaborate rope bondage equipment she’d brought with her. Once John was securely tied, Mistress Nikki began to tease and tantalize him with her skilled hands and mouth.

John felt himself becoming aroused as Mistress Nikki kissed and licked his body. She moved her hands expertly over his skin, arousing every nerve ending and sending shivers of delight through his body. Her tongue explored his body, teasing and licking until he was on the edge of orgasm.

But Mistress Nikki was not finished yet. She brought out a large, metal vibrator and began to rub it along John’s body, increasing the intensity until he was moaning with pleasure. She then used the vibrator to bring him to an explosive orgasm, before finally untying him and allowing him to rest.

John had never felt so alive, as if all his senses had been heightened and his body had become a conduit for pure pleasure. For the next few hours, he and Mistress Nikki explored each other’s bodies, learning the various techniques of BDSM.

Mistress Nikki showed John how to pleasure her with teasing and tantalizing, gentle caresses and passionate kisses. She taught him to dominate her and to make her obey his every command. They explored the boundaries of their relationship, pushing each other to their limits and enjoying the satisfaction of their mutual pleasure.

Eventually, John and Mistress Nikki reached their climax and lay panting in each other’s arms. John thanked her for the wonderful experience and vowed to obey her every command from now on.

John and Mistress Nikki continued to meet regularly, exploring each other’s bodies and pushing each other to new heights of pleasure. Each time they met, John was more and more convinced that Mistress Nikki was the one for him.

John soon realized that he wanted to make their relationship more permanent, and he proposed to Mistress Nikki. She accepted and they were married soon afterwards.

To this day, John and Mistress Nikki remain happily married, exploring each other’s bodies and enjoying a fulfilling and passionate relationship. They both believe that they have found their true soul mate and the perfect partner in each other.

John is no longer a submissive, but a strong, confident man who knows his limits and his Mistress’s expectations. Mistress Nikki is no longer a Dominant, but a loving wife who can bring out the best in her husband.

Together, they have found the perfect balance of pleasure, power and trust.