Mistress Madelines Play Date

#Mistress Madeline’s Play Date

Mistress Madeline had been looking forward to this night for weeks. It was her play date with an anonymous client. She was an elegant and seductive Mistress who ran a secret underground brothel, though she also provided individual services from time to time.

She had been preparing for the evening for hours now. She had bathed and put on her finest lingerie and her most commanding outfit – a tight-fitting corset, black high-heeled boots and a long leather skirt. She had completed her look with full scarlet lipstick, kohl eyeliner and a thick bangs of black hair.

Tonight, she was expecting her client to arrive soon. She had told him she wanted to play a game and he had eagerly accepted her offer. She had thought carefully about what that game should be. Finally, she had decided on a game of bondage and domination and seduction.

The doorbell rang. She knew it was her client. She went to the door and opened it, revealing a handsome man in a sharp black suit. His eyes widened at the sight of Mistress Madeline. She felt a tingle of electricity run through her body as she welcomed him in.

She told him to take off his suit and he did so willingly. He stood before her, wearing only a pair of black boxers that revealed his impressive bulge. She stepped closer to him and ran her hands over his chest and abs.

She made her way down, running her fingers over his tight abs and buttocks. She felt him quiver as she touched his inner thighs and finally reached his rock-hard cock. She grabbed it firmly and massaged it, feeling it swell with anticipation.

He moaned in pleasure as her fingers explored his body. She guided his hands to her body, kissing and licking his neck as he touched her. Her touch was electric and he found himself becoming aroused with each caress.

She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. There, she tied him up in her own bondage gear and proceeded to pleasure him with her mouth. She took her time, teasing and tantalizing him before finally giving him the pleasure he desired.

She then straddled him, slowly and sensually riding him to a powerful climax. He was amazed at how skillful and experienced Mistress Madeline was. She was in complete control of his pleasure and made him feel like he was her willing slave.

When they had finished, they lay in a satisfied embrace. She thanked him for coming and mentioned that she hoped they could do this again soon. He gladly agreed, already looking forward to their next play date. Mistress Madeline had certainly lived up to her reputation.