Mistress And Slave

Slave and Mistress: An Erotic Sex Story

The Mistress and her Slave had been together for years. For the Mistress, their relationship was more than physical, it was an emotional and spiritual bond that drove them both to greater heights of pleasure and surrender.

The Mistress was a divine creature, aloof and remote, yet capable of great compassion and tenderness whenever her Slave needed her. Her Slave, meanwhile, was devoted to her and willing to do anything to make her happy. Together, they were unstoppable, both in the bedroom and out.

One night, the Mistress was feeling particularly frisky and aroused. She called for her Slave, who promptly appeared. She could tell that her Slave was eager for her touch, and she ordered him to strip for her. He complied immediately, his eyes never leaving hers as he removed his clothes.

When he was completely nude, the Mistress approached him and ran her hands over his body, tracing the curves of his muscles and exploring his smooth skin. She smiled when she saw the way he shuddered in anticipation. She moved closer, pushing him back against the wall and pressing her body against his.

The Mistress teased him mercilessly, running her hands over his body and exploring all of his secret places. She kissed his chest and neck and nibbled on his earlobe. She brought her hands down between his legs, caressing his erection and bringing him closer to the brink of pleasure.

Finally, the Mistress removed her own clothing and stood before him in all her glory. She then commanded him to kneel before her, and he complied, his eyes never leaving hers as she mounted him and took him inside her.

The Mistress rode him slowly, teasing and tantalizing him as she moved her hips in circles, gradually increasing her speed as her pleasure built. She could feel his own pleasure building up within him, and when it finally exploded, she felt a wave of satisfaction wash over her.

The Mistress and her Slave stayed like this for hours, exploring each other’s bodies and heights of pleasure. At times, it seemed as if they were one, united in the pleasure of the act.

When the Mistress finally released her Slave, he thanked her in his own, unique way. She smiled, pleased with her handiwork and satisfied in the knowledge that her Slave was happy and fulfilled.

The Mistress and her Slave have been together for years, and their bond has only grown stronger with time. They continue to explore each other, discovering new heights of pleasure no matter how long they’ve been together. The Mistress and her Slave can, quite simply, never get enough of each other.