Milking My Step Mom

Milking My Step Mom: A Tale of Forbidden Erotic Pleasures

It was one of those moments when I found myself in a situation that I never thought I would ever be in. I was alone in the house with my stepmom, and I had a feeling that something was about to happen. I could feel the tension between us, and I knew that if I didn’t act quickly, I could miss out on a great opportunity.

My stepmom was a beautiful woman, with curves in all the right places. She was always well dressed, and she had an air of sophistication about her. I’d often catch her looking at me with a slight smile on her face, and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking.

I decided to take a chance and see if I could make my move. I made my way over to her and gave her a hug, which she returned with enthusiasm. I could feel her body pressed against mine, and my heart raced as I felt her ample breasts pressing against my chest.

I knew that I had to move quickly, so I stepped back and told her that I was feeling a bit hot. She smiled and told me to take off my shirt, and I obliged. She then instructed me to lie down on the couch, and I did as she asked.

She began to massage my chest and shoulders, and I could feel myself becoming aroused. She then moved down to my stomach and thighs and I could feel my arousal increasing, as her hands moved around my body. She started to caress my manhood and I couldn’t believe my luck.

I knew that I had to take things to the next level if I wanted to experience the pleasure that I had been dreaming of. I asked her if she would be willing to perform a special milking technique on me, and she hesitated at first. I assured her that I would be gentle, and that I would not hurt her in any way.

Finally she agreed, and I couldn’t believe my luck. She began to massage my manhood with her hands, and I could feel her skill as she worked her way around my shaft. She then used her mouth and tongue to massage my manhood in a way that I had never experienced before.

The pleasure was too much for me, and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. She then took her mouth away and used her hands to squeeze and pull at my manhood, and I felt myself getting even closer to the edge of pleasure.

Finally, I could not hold back any longer and I erupted inside her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum and I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me like a tidal wave.

When it was all over I thanked her for the experience and she smiled and said that it was her pleasure. From that day forward, I knew that I could always count on her to fulfill my desires.

Since that day, my stepmom and I have enjoyed many erotic experiences together. We have explored all kinds of naughty pleasures, from role-playing to bondage, and I have grown to appreciate her skills even more. I know that I will always have a special place in my heart for my stepmom, and I am so glad that I chose to take that chance and explore my desires with her.