Master Mistress And Slave

The Master, The Mistress and The Slave – An Erotic Sex Story

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful and wealthy man who was known as the Master. The Master had everything he could ever want and all of his desires were fulfilled with ease, but there was something missing in his life that he could not quite put his finger on.

One day, the Master decided to take a walk through the city and explore its vibrant nightlife. As he walked, he heard a faint whisper from a dark alleyway. Peering inside, the Master was shocked to find a beautiful and mysterious woman who he would later come to know as the Mistress.

The Mistress was everything the Master had ever dreamed of and more. She was exotic, mysterious and alluring, and the Master was instantly smitten with her. The Mistress offered the Master a proposition – she could fulfill all of his deepest desires, no matter how naughty or forbidden, if he agreed to serve her as her slave.

The Master eagerly accepted the offer and the two became lovers. The Mistress took the Master to her secret boudoir, where she taught him all of the kinky pleasures of submission, domination and BDSM. She taught him how to please her with his body, his words and his obedience, and the Master found himself completely in her thrall.

The Mistress and the Master explored every corner of their dark and passionate desires, and the Master became more dedicated to the Mistress with each passing day. Together, they experienced a new level of pleasure and passion, and the Master was completely in awe of the Mistress’ dominance and power.

One day, the Mistress decided to take the Master’s submission to the next level. She took him to a private brothel and presented him with a new challenge – to pleasure the women there and prove himself as the ultimate sex slave. The Master was hesitant at first, but soon he found himself eager to please the Mistress, and he willingly agreed to her challenge.

The Master spent the night pleasuring the women of the brothel, and each one pushed him farther than the last. He explored his own sexuality in ways he had never dreamed of, and he felt a pleasure beyond anything he had ever experienced before. The Mistress watched in awe as the Master explored his own desires, and she was proud of her slave for fulfilling her every wish.

The next morning, the Mistress brought the Master to a secret room in the brothel, where she revealed her ultimate fantasy. She wanted the Master to pleasure her using his own body and skills, and the Master willingly obliged.

The Mistress and the Master spent the entire day exploring each other’s bodies and discovering new heights of pleasure. The Mistress was completely in control, and the Master surrendered to her completely. The Mistress explored all of the kinks and fetishes that the Master had previously been too afraid to explore, and by the end of the day they were both completely satisfied.

The Mistress knew that she had found the perfect slave in the Master, and the two continued to explore their desires together for many years. The Master spent his days pleasing the Mistress and exploring his own sexuality, and the Mistress was always there to guide him. Together, the Master and the Mistress created a world of pleasure that was all their own, and the Master was forever grateful to the Mistress for introducing him to the world of BDSM.