Married Cocksuckers The Gloryhole

Married Cocksuckers The Gloryhole: An Erotic Sex Story

John and Michelle had been married for five amazing years, and their sex life had been amazing since their wedding night. They were always up for trying new things and exploring each other’s limits in the bedroom.

One day, John was browsing the Internet and stumbled across an advertisement for a “Married Cocksuckers The Gloryhole.” He was curious and excited, so he told Michelle about it and suggested they give it a try.

Michelle was hesitant at first, but after talking it through, they both decided they wanted the experience. They packed their bags and drove to the location of the gloryhole – a secluded spot in the woods.

When they arrived, they were met by a handsome, tall man in a black suit who introduced himself as the “owner” of the gloryhole. He explained the rules and regulations, and then proceeded to explain how it worked.

The two of them were instructed to enter the gloryhole from opposite sides. They were given a pair of condoms and a sheet of cloth to cover their genitals. Once they were both in position, they were to place their heads into the hole and wait for someone to come through the other side.

The couple nervously waited, not knowing what to expect. After a few minutes, they heard a voice on the other side of the gloryhole. It was a female’s voice, and she asked if they wanted to play.

John and Michelle eagerly agreed and the female on the other side said she would be right back. A few minutes later, she slid through the hole and introduced herself as “Kinky Kristy.” She was a short, petite woman with a big smile and a flirtatious attitude.

Kinky Kristy explained that she was an experienced escort and that she was there to give John and Michelle the best experience of their lives. She asked them to take off their clothes and get comfortable before she began.

John and Michelle were both hesitant, but they decided to trust Kinky Kristy and followed her instructions. Once they were both naked, she began to suck John’s cock. She used her tongue and lips to give him the most amazing sensation he had ever felt. He moaned and groaned with pleasure as Kinky Kristy expertly licked and sucked him to completion.

Meanwhile, Michelle was on the other side of the hole. Kinky Kristy had instructed her to use her hands and fingers to stimulate herself while John was being pleasured. Michelle followed her instructions and soon found herself in an orgasmic state of bliss.

After John finished, Kinky Kristy moved onto Michelle and gave her the same pleasure. She used her tongue and lips to drive Michelle wild with pleasure until she too reached orgasm.

When they were both finished, Kinky Kristy asked if they wanted to do it again. John and Michelle eagerly agreed and Kinky Kristy left them to get dressed.

When the couple emerged from the gloryhole, they were both glowing with satisfaction. They thanked Kinky Kristy for the amazing experience and headed home with new found confidence in their sex life.

Married Cocksuckers The Gloryhole had given them the thrill they needed to spice up their sex life. From that day on, they explored new avenues of pleasure and became even more adventurous in the bedroom.

Married Cocksuckers The Gloryhole was the best experience John and Michelle ever had and they would never forget the amazing time they had with Kinky Kristy.