Looking Up Her Skirt

I had been watching her for weeks, my eyes locked onto her from afar. It was like watching a beautiful painting that had been hung up just for me to admire. She was tall and slender with curves in all of the right places. Her hair was jet black and hung in an effortless wave down her back. Her eyes were a deep shade of brown and they seemed to draw me in whenever she looked my way.

She had a way of walking that seemed almost hypnotic, her hips swaying enticingly with each step. She was always dressed to perfection, her clothing tailored to follow the lines of her alluring body. I loved staring at her, drinking in her beauty like a heavenly elixir.

But what I truly loved the most was looking up her skirt.

There was something so naughty yet enticing about it. I wanted to glimpse what she was hiding beneath her clothing, to see her in all her glory. When she walked past me, I would sneak a peek, drinking in the sight of her pert buttocks peeking out from beneath her skirt. I wanted to caress them, to run my hands along her curves. I craved to tantalize and tease her with my touch.

One day, I finally got the opportunity I had been longing for. I had been following her for a while, determined to get a better look. I had been lucky to catch her alone in an alley, her back to the wall. I crept up from behind and lightly brushed my fingertips along the length of her dress. She jumped and spun around, her eyes wide with surprise.

“What do you want?” she demanded, her voice tight with caution. I stepped closer and flashed her a roguish smile, my fingers inching their way up her skirt.

“I want to see what you’re hiding beneath your skirt,” I murmured, my voice low and seductive. She hesitated for a moment, and then with a resigned sigh, she slowly raised her skirt to reveal her matching pink lingerie. I let out a low whistle, my gaze lingering on the smoothness of her thighs and the swell of her hips.

My heart raced in anticipation as I reached out and lightly grazed her skin. I felt her shudder beneath my touch and smiled. I moved my hand higher, skimming the curve of her waist. I couldn’t resist the urge to slip my hand between her legs, my fingertips grazing the softness of her inner thighs.

She gasped, her body shaking as I explored her most intimate places. I kissed her neck and my hands roamed up her body, my fingers slipping beneath her lacy lingerie. She moaned as I teased her nipples, my thumb stroking her hardened nubs in delighted circles. I could feel the heat radiating from her body, and I craved to be inside her.

I loved feeling her body tighten beneath my touch and the way she moaned softly in pleasure. I wanted to see her wild side come alive, to see her surrender completely to me. But before I allowed myself to do so, I decided to give her a taste of what was in store.

I unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my muscular chest beneath. She ran her fingertips along my skin, her touch gentle yet demanding. I wanted her to take control, to show me what she wanted. She leaned in and pressed her lips against mine, her mouth tasting sweet like honey.

I eagerly returned her kisses, my hands exploring the planes of her body. I wanted to devour her, to make her feel pleasure like she had never felt before. I kneeled down, my fingers pushing aside her thick curls so I could feast on her.

I licked her in hungry strokes, my tongue teasing her inner depths. I loved the way she writhed beneath me, her body slick with desire. As I continued to pleasure her, I slipped a finger inside of her. She moaned in pleasure, her grip on my shoulders tightening as I explored the depths of her body.

I felt her muscles tighten and I knew she was nearing her climax. I pushed her closer to the edge, my tongue slipping in and out of her in mesmerizing strokes. She came with a loud gasp, her orgasm tearing through her body. I stayed inside of her until her breathing returned to normal, her body limp with exhaustion.

We collapsed next to each other, my body entwined with hers. I looked into her eyes and smiled, my heart filled with contentment. I pulled her close and kissed her, my hands running along the curves of her body.

We had just experienced a beautiful moment that neither of us would ever forget. I knew that I had finally found someone to share in my deepest desires. I know that I’ll never look at another woman the same again. I just can’t take my eyes off her, no matter how hard I try.

Looking up her skirt is something I’ll never forget.