Lady Lawyer To Submissive Escort

Lady Lawyer Gets Naughty With Submissive Escort

Ashley had been feeling stressed out lately. She was a lawyer, working long hours and dealing with difficult clients. She was always busy, and it was taking a toll on her. She was exhausted and desperate for some relaxation.

One day, while out running errands, she noticed a sign on the side of a building advertising “escorts”. This intrigued her; she had to know more. She had always been curious about the mysterious world of escorts, but she had never had the nerve to try it. She decided to take a chance, and she went inside.

Inside was a small, but neat reception area. A young woman greeted her and asked what she was looking for. Ashley explained that she was interested in hiring an escort. The woman smiled, and told her that the agency had many different types of escorts available. She asked Ashley what kind of escort she was interested in. Ashley hesitated for a moment before replying, “A submissive one.”

The woman smiled again and nodded, before leading Ashley to a room. Inside was a man with short black hair, pale skin, and green eyes. He was dressed in a crisp black suit. He introduced himself as Devin, and said he was the submissive escort she had requested.

Ashley blushed; she had never been in this situation before. She felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Devin smiled warmly at her and said, “Don’t be nervous. I’m here to make sure you have a good experience.” Ashley felt relieved; Devin seemed kind and understanding.

Devin asked her what she had in mind. Ashley explained that she wanted something naughty, something to make her feel alive. Devin seemed to understand exactly what she was saying. He told her that he had an idea. He asked her to remove her clothes, and then he blindfolded her.

Ashley felt her heart racing as Devin’s hands moved over her body. He caressed her curves and kissed her neck. She felt herself getting aroused, and soon she was panting with desire. Devin whispered naughty things in her ear as he touched her all over.

Devin moved Ashley onto the bed, and he began to undress her. His hands moved over her body, kneading her flesh and teasing her nipples. His lips followed his hands, and Ashley felt pleasure building inside her. Suddenly, Devin surprised her by gently pushing her onto her back, and he entered her.

Ashley gasped as she felt Devin moving inside her. His thrusts were slow and gentle at first, but they quickly became more urgent. The feeling was intense, and Ashley felt like she was on the edge of an orgasm. Devin’s thrusts grew faster, and soon Ashley was screaming out in pleasure.

Afterward, Ashley and Devin lay in each other’s arms, exhausted but satisfied. Ashley thanked Devin for his services and said that she would definitely be coming back for more. He smiled and said he looked forward to it.

As Ashley left the agency, she felt like a new woman. Her stress had been replaced by a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. She was surprised at how naughty and daring she had been. She couldn’t wait to come back and explore more of her fantasies with Devin.