Jennifer Ellison Fat

Jennifer Ellison Fat had the confidence of a goddess. She knew people found her attractive and she enjoyed using it to her advantage. Her curves were a work of art, her breasts full and her ass lush and round. She loved how they jiggled when she was in the shower, she loved how they bounced when she walked.

Most of all she loved playing with them, caressing them and knowing how it made her feel. She was definitely not one of those women who felt ashamed of her body, she embraced it and loved it.

Today was a day that Jennifer was looking forward to, she was going to indulge in one of her biggest fantasies and she was sure it was going to be a night to remember. Her plan was to go to a local brothel and pay for the services of a professional.

Jennifer arrived at the brothel and was quickly greeted by a woman who asked her what kind of services she was looking for. Without hesitation she told the woman that she wanted something “harder” than the usual. The woman smiled and pointed her to a door at the end of the corridor.

Jennifer pushed the door open and found herself in a completely different world. The room was dimly lit and filled with exotic furniture, a large bed in the centre of the room and mirrors everywhere. At the far end of the room she saw a man, tall with broad muscled shoulders.

He had a tattoo of a dragon on his arm, his eyes were an intense blue that seemed to draw her in. She felt her heart race and her cheeks flush as she looked around the room. The man smiled and motioned for her to come closer.

Jennifer nervously walked closer, not sure what to expect. He told her his name was Tyrone and that he was a professional. He then asked her what kind of services she wanted. She took a deep breath and told him that she wanted to experience it all.

Tyrone chuckled and said he could give her the whole package. She gulped and nodded, feeling like she was out of her element. She watched as he moved around the room, gathering sheets, towels and oils. He then instructed her to get undressed and lay down on the bed.

Jennifer nervously did as instructed, feeling the cold leather of the bed against her skin. She gasped as his hands touched her body, exploring her curves and exploring her skin. His fingers traced patterns all over her body as he massaged her, kneading her muscles and lightly caressing her.

She shifted as she felt his hands slide up her legs, feeling her body tingle with anticipation as he explored her inner thighs. His touch ignited a fire within her and she found herself desire building with every passing moment.

Before long Tyrone was kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears, pulling her into him and deepening the intensity of the kisses. His hands continued to explore her body and Jennifer felt moisture building between her legs.

Tyrone moved to her chest, lightly pinching and pulling on her nipples until she was moaning and arching her back in pleasure. His hands then traveled down her stomach and lightly brushed against her pussy lips until she was gasping in pleasure.

He then moved down between her legs, exploring her inner depths, licking and sucking until she was trembling and panting in pleasure. With each stroke of his tongue her body trembled and her legs quivered with pleasure.

Tyrone then grabbed his cock and entered her, thrusting slowly and setting a steady rhythm. Jennifer felt her body tighten and every nerve ending in her body spring to life as he moved inside her. His thrusts were deeper and faster now as he increased the intensity until she was screaming in pleasure.

He then flipped her over and entered her from behind, pushing deeper and pushing harder. She felt her body tense and her vision blur as her orgasm grew stronger and stronger with each thrust. The sensations coursing through her body were overwhelming and she soon found herself screaming out in pure pleasure.

She felt Tyrone pull out of her and collapse onto the bed, both of them trembling and spent. They lay there in each others arms, touching each other and relishing in the afterglow of the experience. Jennifer had never felt so alive and so connected to another person before and she was sure she would never forget the experience.