I Made Martina Into My Toilet Slave

I Made Martina Into My Toilet Slave

I had been fantasizing about turning my girlfriend, Martina, into a toilet slave for quite some time. I had seen a few videos of it online and even read stories about it, but I had never actually tried it. That all changed when I finally decided to take the plunge and make Martina into my toilet slave.

When I told Martina about my desires, she was a bit hesitant at first, but she eventually agreed to try it. We agreed to start slow and see how it went. I had already bought some of the necessary supplies, such as a leash and a collar. I also had some rimming cream, which I knew she would love.

The night of the ordeal, I blindfolded Martina and told her to kneel on the floor. She followed my instructions and waited for me to begin. I started by making her lick my toes and then my feet. She licked them with vigor and I could tell she was enjoying every second of it.

I then took her over to the toilet and made her kneel on the bathroom floor. I poured the rimming cream all over her ass and then used the vibrator on her. She moaned in delight as I stimulated her anus and she seemed to be in ecstasy.

Once I was done stimulating her, I told her to spread her ass cheeks and lift her ass up. I then inserted a dildo into her anus and told her to hold it there. She did as I commanded and I then proceeded to fuck her with the dildo. I fucked her slowly and with deep thrusts, making her moan louder and louder with each thrust.

After I was done fucking her with the dildo, I removed it and then tied a leash around her neck. I then pulled her up to her feet and guided her to the toilet. I bent her over the toilet and started rimming her ass with my tongue. She moaned and writhed in pleasure as I licked her anus and made her experience even more pleasure.

Once I was done with the rimming, I told her to squat over the toilet and open her ass cheeks. I then poured some more rimming cream on her anus and inserted my fingers inside her. She gasped in pleasure as I fingered her and I could tell she was enjoying every second of it.

When I was done fingering her, I told her to lay down on the floor and spread her legs. I then proceeded to fuck her with my hard cock. She moaned in delight as I pounded her tight pussy and I could tell she was loving every second of it.

After I was done fucking her, I told her to stay on the floor and not move. I then proceeded to use her ass as my personal toilet. I peed into her and then proceeded to shit on her. She stayed still and didn’t complain, even though she was in a bit of discomfort.

When I was done using her as my toilet, I told her to stand up and wash herself off. She complied and then we went to bed. I could see the excitement in her eyes as we lay in bed and I knew she had enjoyed the experience.

From that day forward, I would make Martina my toilet slave every few weeks. She would kneel down and spread her ass cheeks for me, and I would rim, finger, and fuck her. I would then use her as my toilet, and she would stay still and take my filth.

I would reward her with orgasms afterwards. She seemed to love our sessions and it became a major part of our sex life. We would do it whenever we felt like it and it always brought us closer together.

Martina eventually became a true toilet slave and I could not be happier. I had taken her from a timid girl to a willing and submissive toilet slave. I loved our sessions and it was something that we both enjoyed. It was an experience that I will never forget.