Girlfriend Asks For Chastity

Girlfriend Asks For Chastity

It was a typical night out with my girlfriend. We had been dating for a few months but things were starting to get serious. We were taking things slow and I was feeling more and more in love with her every day.

We had just finished dinner when she surprised me with a request. She asked if I would be willing to put her in a chastity belt. I was taken aback. I had never even considered such a thing before. I asked her to explain her reasoning and she said that she wanted to make sure our relationship was strong and that she wanted to maintain our connection. I thought long and hard about it and then I agreed.

We went online and found the perfect chastity belt. It was a beautiful black leather belt with a locking mechanism to ensure it wouldn’t come undone easily. We also purchased a few additional items including a chaste cock ring and a chastity cage to add extra restrictions.

Once the belt was in place, I was amazed and aroused at the same time. My girlfriend looked absolutely stunning. The belt created an erotic look that I had never seen before and it sent chills down my spine. She had a renewed sense of confidence and she was more willing to explore our sexual boundaries.

We spent the next few weeks exploring our new setup. We experimented with a range of activities, from simple bondage to edging and even roleplay. She was able to maintain her chastity even through our more adventurous activities, adding an extra layer of excitement. I found myself getting aroused even when she wasn’t engaging in any sexual activities.

One night, she asked if I would take her to a local brothel. We had talked about it before but I had never acted on it. I knew it would be difficult to find the right place, but with some research, I managed to come across an underground sex club that had an open policy for guests.

We arrived at the brothel and, to my surprise, she was the star of the show. She was wearing the chastity belt and she quickly become the centre of attention. Men, women, and couples all wanted a piece of her. She was even offered money for her services but she refused it.

We explored the brothel and had some fun with a few people, but eventually, we had to leave. Once we got back home, we talked about what had happened and she said that she had found it incredibly empowering. She said that she had enjoyed the feeling of being desired and having people worship her body.

The experience was one that neither of us will ever forget. We have since built a stronger connection and continue to explore our boundaries. We have also discussed getting her another chastity belt to spice things up but for now, we are content with our current setup.

I am so glad that my girlfriend asked for chastity. It has opened up a new world of possibilities for us and has strengthened our relationship. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.