Fully Body Massage

An Erotic Massage is Not Just a Treat But a Necessity

John was always a fan of trying new things and his latest pursuit was an erotic massage. He had heard about it from a friend, who had told him it was a total body experience. He had no idea what to expect, but he was sure it was going to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

He made an appointment at a local spa. He was a bit nervous and unsure as to what to expect but he soon felt at ease and welcomed by the staff. When he arrived, he was taken to a dimly lit room with candles, music and a massage table. The masseuse was wearing a sheer robe that left little to the imagination.

John nervously stripped down to just his underwear and laid on the massage table. He had been told this was going to be a fully body massage and that was all he was expecting. But as the masseuse began to work her hands across his body, it quickly became apparent that this was not just any massage.

His skin came alive as she massaged every muscle, working her way down over his neck, shoulders and back. Every stroke of her hands sent an electrical current throughout his body, leaving him feeling relaxed and aroused.

When she reached down to massage his buttocks, he felt a quiver of excitement, as she expertly worked each side. She then moved her hands lower and gently massaged his inner thighs. His arousal intensified and his breathing became faster as she expertly worked her way down and around his increasingly hard cock.

The sensations were almost too much to bear as she moved her hands up and down his shaft, increasing the pressure as she went. His breathing came in short, excited gasps and his body was trembling with pleasure.

Finally, she moved her hands up and down his body again, before cupping his balls in her hands and gently squeezing. He felt like he was going to explode as her hands moved ever closer to his engorged cock. He could barely take it any longer and he let out a moan as she finally found his tip and began to stroke it.

John was lost in the sensation as she moved her hands around his body, sometimes massaging, sometimes kissing, sometimes tantalizing. He felt himself reach a climax as she ran her tongue along his shaft, teasing and tantalizing him into submission.

As he lay there panting and trembling with pleasure, she took off her robe and lay on top of him, her skin pressed against his. He felt her warmth and her curves as she kissed him passionately and he felt himself overcome with pleasure as they moved as one.

When the massage finally ended, John felt like a new man. The intensity of the experience had been far more than he ever expected, and he realized he had been missing out on the sheer pleasure of a fully body massage. Now that he had experienced the ultimate relaxation, he was hooked and vowed to make it part of his regular routine.